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Wk3r3 Oh dearie me!

Well I'm 70, overweightish & a grandma to six gorgeous girls, whose always said " I've never liked running & I'm not starting now! Always been more of a walker really, while my daughters all took up running, recommended C25K & streaked into the distance. We happened to have moved next door to a gym & I felt that I should have a go at running rather than just walking on the to wk3 run 2without too many probs other than aching joints, really surprising myself in the process! Then following a busy wkend looking after Gdaughters no 5 &6. Thought that I should finish wk3 today, with a flourish in their local park, first outside run, disaster strikes,was so out of breath had to walk a bit during both 3 min sessions & sort of hobbled home at the end. Is this what they mean by a bad run? Feel a bit demoralised but will have another go on Thurs. I'm NOT giving up now!

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No not necessarily a bad run, just a hot run and an unfamiliar run. Everyone says it's harder to run outside than on the treadmill, so don't beat yourself up about it. Just have another go another day, loads of people repeat runs if things don't go quite to plan. Take care x


No don't give up now! I suppose we'll always have the odd bad day as we do in life but we don't give up! I did w3/d1 last night! :-)


My goodness you are an inspiration - WELL DONE YOU making a start! The current sudden warm spell is not working in your favour and it will be much harder to keep going in this heat. Could you go out earlier in the morning, perhaps? Although a w/e looking after 2 small children is also very demanding and you will have been tired before you even began. Do not be so hard on yourself, take each run as it comes and accept that some will be a lot better than others!

GOOD LUCK for the journey, you won't regret it! :) :)

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Thanks for all your inspiring & helpful posts, I'd really like to enjoy running , if I can use that word, outside but I think I probably did start off too fast, relatively speaking. I'm so used to my trusty 4.5 k on the treadmill that I was a bit at sea today,oh well onwards & upwards as they say!


I would go alone next time then you can concentrate on yourself. Well done for getting out for some running. In this heat it is much harder. Go early morning or later when it's cooler

Keep going


Brilliant someone my age, ( well Im 67 so close ) I have just completed week 5 absolutely astounding myself, Please dont give up, it is so worth the effort, I felt brilliant this am when I completed W5 R3, , on wards and upwards I say


Running outside is not as easy as running on a treadmill, if you factor in the heat as well you were facing a pretty hard run on top of looking after grandchildren for a weekend. Stick to slow and steady and, as misswobble suggests, might be better to go alone next time out then you can just go at a pace that suits you. So far as age is concerned - try Googling 'ernestine shepherd'. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


You, my dear lady, are a true inspiration.

We all get strange runs from time-to-time. I had an inexplicable one the other day, but the next day was fine. They come and they go. Don't worry about them and think about a t shirt logo I saw the other day ~ 'I am not made of my last run; I am made of my next'

Congtats on starting running, and long may you keep it up.


Thanks to all for such encouraging replies, I have to confess I was running on my own so I can't blame my girls for my poor run but have realised from suggestions on treadmill running that I should set it to an incline of 1 to prepare me for the great outdoors so hopefully that will help. Think I'll do a " rerun " of wk3 anyway just to be sure!


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