W4R1 - it didn't beat me!

Hi all! This morning at the lovely time of stupid o'clock (or just before 5am if you want to be precise), I was out starting W4R1.

I tossed and turned in bed all night with negative thoughts running through my head about how in the world was I going to run for 5 minutes.... Well it turns out I did it! I didn't stop. Sure, I ran as slow as a turtle going through peanut butter, but it wasn't a walk and I kept it up. My next run is schedule for Friday, however we're facing a bit of bad weather from a tropical cyclone that's nearby so I'll definitely get enough rest before I attempt R2!

I'm slowly cottoning on to the idea that not only does C25K build up your endurance on the sly, it also does a whole lot for your mentality and helping you overcome those thoughts that your brain sends out that says "Kel, now come on, what are you doing, stay at home and eat ice cream or STOP RUNNING!".

I have so far had a few dull aches in my legs which I thought were the onset of shin splints, but I've been using a TENS machine to help and so far so good. I just wanted to say to anyone else who was like me and reading these forums yesterday trying to figure out whether I had what it took to make what seems like a HUGE leap to W4.. just do it. Have a go. You might just surprise yourself!

Cheers, Kel


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  • Well kel all I can say is well done. I love it when people have a go and find out they can actually do it. Just take your time and you will be there soon.. Good luck 17 left and counting :) J

  • Thanks so much, Jase44. Ooh 17 left sounds awesome! What a good perspective - thank you!

  • And of cause 13 done which is the big well done number ;) J

  • Holy cactus.. that means I'm almost half way.... go me! :) :)

  • Hi Kel, well done on Week 4 Run 1 - I also did this on Monday! I was amazed that I could run for 5 mins :)

    Good luck for run 2. Keep on keeping on.


  • Hey way to go to you too mancunianpoodle. Going by your name, does that mean you're in/from Manchester? The reason I ask is (sorry off topic here) we are relocating to the North of England later this year and Manchester is where we are flying in to! Exciting!

    Thanks for the encouragement - we can totally do this!! :)

  • yes, I live in South manchester!

    Whereabouts are you relocating to, if you don't mind me asking?

  • I don't mind at all, ask away! We are definitely looking to live in the north, it'll depend on where my husband gets a job. Manchester seems to be a contender because there are lots of jobs there in his line of work, however that's a bit contentious for us, as we are both massive Liverpool supporters.. hehe. I personally like Lancashire and Yorkshire but anywhere in the north would be awesome. It's so un-Australian of me to say, but the UK is amazing and I can't wait to move over! :) :P

  • Manchester is cool (but I am biased!!!) but there are loads of lovely places all over the North of England.

    Exciting times for you then with the move over to the UK - you;ll have to get used to the rainy weather!!!

  • I haven't been to Manchester, but you guys have the coolest accents! Yes, very exciting times ahead. Where I come from in Australia (tropics) we get can get around 1500-2000mm of rain a year so I'm pretty good with the wet, although our rain is lovely and warm. I'm going to have to learn how to run in the freezing cold, because I can't let that be an excuse, it'll feel cold for me all year 'round! :)

  • That's a lot of rain!

    Yes running in the cold takes getting used to. I have been wearing two long sleeve running tops on my runs. It's getting a bit warmer now so I may change to just one long sleeve top!

  • That's a whole new world for me to investigate - suitable running clothes for the cold weather! Mind you, it was 22Β°C here the other morning and I felt chilly :) I will have a fantastic time buying all new cold weather running gear!

  • I know! Taking up running is a whole other shopping opportunity!!!

  • Sorry for butting in! I am from Manchester too, and my other half is a Scouser (Liverpudlian) and also a big LFC fan, she has a season ticket! So we now live half way between the two cities. :)

    You're wise to choose The North, it's the best!!! :D

  • Congratulations Kel - especially getting up when the birds are still in bed! A few months ago the idea of running for 5 minutes was daunting to me and now I can run for over an hour - yes come to Manchester because I am running the Great Manchester 10K in May - I'm sure you'll be able to spot me amongst the other 10,000 runners even though I may not be quite at the front! Actually if you move to sunny Southport where I live and which is an easy(ish) commute equidistant from Liverpool and Manchester you will be able to run by the sea. It is always warm in Southport, never rains and is never windy (oh my nose is growing) and has lots of running shops :)

  • You're the second person who has told me how great Southport is, runon! I wish I was going to be there in time for a UK summer but we'll be there just before winter (crazy, I know!).

    I'm aiming to become a 10k runner so definitely will do any of the runs in the north, for sure! I'd love to be by the sea. I'm very spoiled to live by it now, with the Great Barrier Reef just offshore. It's all a bit exciting and nerve wracking at the same time! But looking forward to becoming a great runner in your lovely country!

  • Hi Kel,

    I'm another pre 5am runner. Crackers aren't we? I started C25K almost a year ago now and last week for the first time ever, I saw ANOTHER crazy 5am running lady - I was startled, and I think she was too! We ran past each other and I managed to say "hello" in between gasps, and she lifted her hand as if to wave. It was only when I got home that I wondered if she was trying to high-five me, and I left her hanging! :o I do hope not! :D

    Well done on your progress! I'd never thought about using a TENS machine on my legs before, what a good idea! Is it helping you?

    All the best for the rest of week 4 :) xx

  • Hi spikymoss! Hooray for us crazy AM peeps! I'm hardly ever alone where I do my runs, its a boardwalk along our waterfront so lots of people use it for walking and running.

    I had a good chuckle about the possible missed high-five!! You'll have to try and see if you can get one out of her next time you maybe see her!! There are a few regulars I see and gasp out a "Morning" to, which I find really nice.

    The TENS machine has done wonders, that dull ache has gone. I was a bit worried about it but combined with an ice gel and taking magnesium, I seem to have gotten on top of it! Yay!

    Thank you, I think going out knowing I can do it, means I'm more confident!! ☺

  • Oh wow that sounds lovely! :)

    Sounds like you're doing great, you'll be up to 5k before you know it! :)

  • Hi Kel,

    this is so helpful, I am glad I am not the only one that doubts themselves. I hope the cyclone passes quickly and quietly and will look forward to your next update! I am on w4r1!

  • Hey MichPet77! We're on the same schedule I see! Cyclone is looking a bit nasty but no direct hit on where I live (or heavily populated area). Good luck with your W4 efforts!! Let's nail this week!! πŸ˜„

  • Hi Kel_mac, definitely! this is so great (the forum) really inspiring to get on so that I can update the good news! Let me know how your next run goes!

  • Will do! Keep me updated on yours too!!

  • Hi kel I'm from North yorkshire and we have some cracking running places here. And biking to which is my main hobby. So coming to good old Blighty. Keep us informed how it goes. And well done for completing week 4. Nearly half way now and it gets exciting from here so I won't spoil it for you :) good luck J

  • Hey Jase! Ooh I really like Yorkshire, you're very lucky to be somewhere so pretty. I haven't seen your part of Yorkshire yet (I stayed in York and Hull a few months back on a trip) but am looking forward to exploring the Moors!

    Thanks, I'm both nervous and excited about the rest of the program but I'm determined to succeed - even if I'm not fast, I'm still not walking!

    Cheers, Kel

  • I live about 30 mins away from York :). Good luck with your run you seem to have it nailed with slowing down if you get tired. I was the same a snail could over take me at times but it's still a run and not a walk. The main thing is the time not the speed. With the stamina the speed will come slowly. I'm off for a 25 mile bike ride tomorrow for a change, can't wait :) J

  • Oh how fantastic, the bike ride sounds brilliant. Hopefully lovely weather for you!!

  • 12 miles the bike ride was fantastic and another 5k run tonight I just love this sport thing again J

  • Ooh what a fantastic effort! I attempted W4R3 on Sunday morning and shouldn't have. I wasn't well when I woke up (clammy and nauseous) but the stubborn-head I am, went.. got halfway through and needed to be sick. Wasn't upset so much about that, but not being able to do the whole run. Have taken 2 days rest and am ready and roaring to go tomorrow morning! Hope the weather was kind to you for your ride and run.. lovely here at the moment, hardly any humidity, so perfect for exercise!

  • So how did the run go then? Hope u didn't feel sick for this one :) regards J

  • I did really well, this morning! No problems, so move on to W5 come Friday! Hooray but at the same time, eek!! πŸ˜‚

  • Hi Kel_Mac, well done on your running. I live 15 miles east of Hull out towards the coast. My nearest parkrun is Hull. Come and give it a go if you end up over this end of the country ! x

  • Hi Girlyswot! Thank you!! I will most definitely come along to Hull parkrun!

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