Couch to 5K

Completed my first run

Really happy, i found the right pace on the treadmill at the gym, two points lower than Monday so was able to complete the full program this time.

So pleased, just need another two runs and Week 1 down :)

Although I may do 3 more just to make sure I am happy before moving on to week 2.

Thanks for the support so happy to get started.

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Well done, keep going x


Well done, its a great feeling when you find your stride :-) Onwards and upwards!


Good work. Wait til you do w1r3 before you decide to redo any runs... You may just surprise yourself! In the whole Program I only did one extra run, about week 2 I think. If I was unsure if I was ready to move on I just tried the next run and invariably amazed myself each time. Go for it!


Week 1, run 1 is in many ways the most important of all. Nobody graduates unless they've done that. You've taken a positive decision to be better. And no-one can ever say you didn't try. Hopefully you'll feel the benefit and carry on to become a c2k graduate. If you need help, there are loads in the forum ready to give it. Keep on running!


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