Weeeek 9 !!!! First run completed!!

Finished the first run of week 9 yesterday evening, in the dark. I'm so happy to get to this stage. After week 6, things got a little irregular with a bout of flu, and then life. But I'm glad I didn't give up and kept going!

I'm dreadfullly slow right now, I can just about complete 2 miles/3.2 kms in those 30 minutes. But that doesn't bother me. I'm sure if I keep going I will get there soon. Yay!


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12 Replies

  • Amazing, you kept going and look at you now, on week 9. You desrve to be very proud of yourself! give yourself a pat on the back!

  • Thank you!! :) it does feel good!

  • Well done. I am on Week 8 run 2 2 miles taking 28 minutes. I was struggling with 90 seconds run 8 weeks ago so I am pleased with myself. I am amazed as I was always rubbish at sport in school so at the age of 58 I feel happy with this. Any other ladies in their primes who have taken up running?

  • You are amazing! I can only sheepishly admit that I'm much younger and also slower :( But that's fine, I hope :)

  • Well done, RachNJ. You're so nearly there - and you kept at it even with the interruptions. Don't fret about your pace, it will come, and anyway to graduate it's 30 minutes OR 5k. I still haven't done the 5k bit.

  • Thank you Soozz, how long ago did you graduate? Yes, 5K seems quite a while away right now, but i'll keep at it :)

  • Graduated a week ago, and at the moment I think I'd have to run 40 mins at least to do 5k, at my tortoise pace, so I'm building up to it! There are loads of hills where I live so there's nowhere you can run far without hitting a serious uphill incline. Good luck with your 2 remainng runs

  • RachNJ you sound like you're going about the same speed as me. I did my first week 9 run yesterday too :-) and I reckon it was 3.2 km. So yes, a bit of a way to go til I do 5k in 30 mins! I'm hoping that doing some of the 5K+ runs will help me get some of the way there, but i'm not sure I'll ever be that fast - I weight 14 stone, and have dodgy knees, so either some of the stones have to drop off, or the knees will give way. Wonder which will happen 1st? It's all a bit of an adventure!

  • :) ah a companion! Even when I run with a group, I never seem to find a person to match pace with. I also have some weight to lose; and I guess that probably comes in the way of being lithe and quick. Take care of the knees though, swimming is an intensive exercise with minimal impact on the knees.

    Well hopefully, it'll all come soon :) - the 5K as well as the weight loss! Good luck and let me know when you hit your goals.

  • The speed really doesn't matter (says she!). It's getting out and doing it. When I was crawling along towards week 9, I was so worried because I thought I had to do 5K at r3! That taught me to read the small print!!

  • Thanks stayinbed, I wouldnt last 30 mins if I attempted to cover 5K. I do my run 2 this evening. I'm tempted to start off with the stepping stone podcasts already, since that has to do with keeping a steady pace (although it may be a bit fast)

  • I've done 2 Parkruns and I took 33 mins 26 seconds last Saturday, which was 40 odd secs faster than the week before. I might carry on until I can do 5K in 30 minutes but I'm not going to kill myself doing it!

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