W5R2 Conquered! - second time around

W5R2 Conquered! - second time around

I woke up this morning with my nose and chest finally clear of the cold which plagued me last week. Friday had seen my first wobble, when I was unable to complete two sets of 8 minutes, so on Sunday I went back to W5R1.

Today there was no avoiding W5R2 and I was quite apprehensive.

I need not have worried though.

I set off gently, concentrating on standing up straight and breathing deeply into my belly, and the first 8 minutes passed fairly comfortably. Unlike the first attempt, I was then able to get my breath back fully before the second 8 minute run. I passed the 4 minute point where I had stopped last time and just knew I could do it. I couldn't keep the deep breathing going and gasped my way through but I found a kick at the end and finished strongly.

What a feeling! For the first time I put the run into RealBuzz and found for both runs I had done just over 1km. That is 8km/h pace or 5km in 37.5 minutes which is much faster than I thought I was going. Overall it has given me a confidence boost which is what I need to tackle the dreaded 20 minute run of W5R3.

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  • well done you, that twenty mins is not so bad once you get going. Trust me by week 9 you will wish the run was only twenty mins! ha ha

  • That's excellent news - when you go for 'the big one', just remind yourself that you've already done 16 mins, and you can obviously run for 4 mins without ANY trouble. I'm sure those 20 minutes will fly by! Good luck, and remember to tell us how it goes.

  • Great news! Don't you just marvel at how quickly you get your breath back after running. The first couple of weeks I was puffing right through the walking interval but by week 5 I was noticing I got my breath back quite quickly in comparison, a big indicator that I was getting fitter. Onward and upward, well done.

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