W5R2 - past the half-way point (phew)

I've just got back from the 2nd run of W5. I found the 2 x 8 minutes a real slog - but I kept going doggedly to the end of each one.

Remembering what all you good folks have said about endurance, I did a few systems checks along the way and found that:

My legs were aching - but still good to carry on

My breathing was an effort - but not impossible

My pace was slow - but still "running".

I went along my beloved canal towpath again, and then along Narrow Street - which felt like doing the marathon, especially since the barriers are still there from Sunday. I finished with a run (i.e. jog/stumble) along the riverside, which was lovely.

Now just the 20-minute monster run to go!

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  • Well done i was dreading the 20 min run but it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be i'm sure you will be fine doing it.

  • Thanks - that's good to know!

  • I second that!

  • Exactly the same experience - go steady and you will be fine. KNOW when you start that you will run the full 20 minutes - you are ready for it.

  • As stecal says, that 20 minute run isn't as bad as you might think.

    You can do it!


  • You'll slay the beast :)

    Trust the programme and more importantly trust yourself :) Remember slow and steady and if needed remember s  l  o  w  e  r ;)

    Good luck :)

  • you can and WILL do it.. there isn't one person  here i think who wouldn't admit to feeling exactly the same as you looking forward to the 20 minute thingy... sometimes its easier than expected, other times  as bad as you expect.. ( it was for me!!) However.. and its a massive BUT.. there isn't one person who  wouldnt agree that you CAN do it, absolutely, utterly and completely.  If you have got this far.. you ARE ready...  

  • You have just done 2 x 8 mins  = 16 minutes of running. Another 4 minutes isn't that much extra at this stage. It's not a monster, simply the next step and not having a walk break in the middle makes it easier to keep your rhythm. Positive thinking required.

  • Thanks everyone! I will post again once I'm on the other side :-)

  • Brilliant.. very well done...you are doing amazingly...

    Now.. remember...you set out on that run.. steady and slow.. and you will leave that pesky monster right behind you...:)

  • You'll do fine, don't let the gremlins win!

  • Well done! You have all the tools for the 20 minute run- you'll be fine. 

  • Well done Katie. The programme has prepared you for the next run, so just take it very slowly and you'll be fine. The monster will be slayed!

  • Well done Katie. Don't worry, rest up then you will be ready for run 3. 😊

    Run 1 and 2 are banked in your legs so you will be ready for the biggie...onwards and upwards. 

    Good luck.😊

  • Well done Katie! Must be nice to have the marathon barriers up :) I bet you will feel awesome after smashing the 20minute run!

  • If you've seen the first Harry Potter film, there's a bit in the beginning where Hagrid says "You're a wizard Harry and I'll wager a damn fine one at that" (or something similar) well after the 20 minute run it's like that. Kind of. I hope you get the drift :o)

  • Thanks Pam! That'll make me smile as I am slogging on my weary way!

  • You will be amazed once you have done it, it is only the brain that can't fathom that we can run for a whole 20 minutes.  Good luck! (although you don't need luck, just determination)

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