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ouch, back pain :-(

managed to get up to and including week 5 run 3, feeling very proud of myself but gradually (over a day) after that last run my back has been in agony, can lie and sit but walking is agony, when i put any weight on my left leg, its like the joint is crunching upwards inside so have developed a limp and a slow lifestyle, absolutely gutted cos the one thing i was loving was the increased fitness and mobility. have got the right shoes and had gait anlysis and took it steady speed wise so not sure what else i could have done. am waiting to see a physio for some advice and in the meantime am eating piankillers for breakfast! :-(

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have you tried stretching? you probably have but I found that when I got to running longer distances in one go I got lower back pain as well so would always do this stretch after a run if I felt any niggles. if you can lay on the floor with your knees held to your chest, rolling your hips from side to side may help stretch the lower back. this seemed to re-align me, but when back pain strikes sometimes its difficult to get into this position.

I had this sort of pain over christmas, purely from sitting around on the settee :) Im normally sat upright on an office chair in the evening working from home. my leg also felt sore, as if it needed to be pulled back out of the socket or "clicked". hope this made sense? swimming can sometimes help loosen the joints.

sorry if this hasnt been any help. hope you manage to get to physio soon. & well done on the 20min run :)


I too suffer from this and find that as soon as my run is finished i bend over and touch the floor, this helps. I stay in this stretching position for at least three mins pulling on it gently to stretch it further.


been for a tui na session (twee na) absolutley brilliant, shelley, that exactly how it felt, like it need to be pulled out! kind of "catching" sensation, all sorted now with the tui na, can highly reccommend them. bit tender after treatment but should be running gaain very soon, been very demoralising and frustrating and depressing but the end is in sight xx


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