Just finished my second day of C25K - my legs are in absolute agony! That second run was definitely harder, especially because all I wanted to do was go home, wrap up warm and be secluded from the world outside. But I did it! One thing I noticed today was that the fronts of my shins were painful (still uncomfortable), I’m not sure if this is my muscles working or shin splints? I also got a stitch today, not sure if that indicates me running wrongly. Any feedback much appreciated :-)


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  • Sorry to hear about the pains! Shin splints is just a term for pain in the shins, and shin pain and stitch are both most likely indicating that your muscles are doing things they're not used to. This often happens to people who have just taken up running, but it will get better as you get stronger! I'm not a doctor, but I suggest a warm bath and some pain killers, and take a short break if it hurts too much to run.

    Good luck, and I hope you can enjoy the feeling of getting stronger as you work through the programme :)

  • Do plenty of stretching before and after your runs, you're asking muscles to do things they've not done for quite some time

  • I got pains in my shins etc but it soon stopped after a few runs. Good luck

  • Shin splints and stitch can both be signs of going too fast.

    Stretching after every run is the best way of warding off most aches, although if you are new to running, you are going to experience some aches. Again, slowing down will minimise this.

    Post run stretches nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

    Pre run stretches runnersworld.com/ask-coach-...

  • I got pains in my shins on the second run too. After a rest day the last run of the week was much easier and I’ve just finished the second run of week 2. Keep going!

  • Warm up well... slow down... slow down more and stretch after every run:)

  • I think this course is great, except it doesn't talk you through the importance of stretching.

    Hell, I'm really unfit and yet I know that unless I take the time to stretch all the muscles that I've just used I can barely walk or do the stairs later. I repeat stretches periodically over the rest of the day.

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