Help I have just started the Couch to 5k and am on my second week I am a large lady but loving the fact that I can run progressively. However mid second week I have horrendous knee pain and am struggling to even walk properly. Do I continue running do I stop to rest although from my last run I rested for four days in between but now in agony. Don't want to give up as I am enjoying it but feel defeated at first hurdle 😟


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  • Had you been walking much before you started C25K? If so, did that cause knee pain? If not, maybe consider a sort of walking version of C25K, you could walk faster for the running bits and slow down for the walking bits. I am going to make a massive assumption here (please do not be offended!) that you are trying to lose some of your weight. When you achieve that you will probably find you get less knee pain. But you should get your knees checked, because "horrendous pain" and "agony" shouldn't be happening. A bit of rest will probably be advised (depends what's wrong), but keep moving if possible, the fact you are enjoying C25K is so brilliant! Good luck x

  • I'm a relative newbie myself, but I would probably say stop for a few weeks and then try again. However, I think it's wiser to follow your own instincts and decide for yourself how far you can push yourself and when to stop.

  • Don't try and run through the pain, restup. With respect, a heck of a lot of force goes through the knees with excess weight, so rest and when you are able to run without pain make sure you have some good cushioned shoes and, only run a smidgen above walking speed... The following link should give you some more guidance..😊

  • I am a 19 stone graduate. I have dropped 2 sizes since starting the program but not 1 pound. I had what I thought at the time was serious agony in my knees and ankles, but only for the day after my run. The next day I was fine to move on.

    I did however run on a treadmill so maybe the slightly bounciness of my running took that initial force. Saying that though I am now running outside and not had the pain.

    Please make sure you are going really slow, like shuffle slow, and build up your speed and distance later. I only just got to 4kms on the 30 minute runs and that included the 10 minutes walk on either end.

    You've done so well to get started!

  • Thank you all for your comments I think I will rest up seems I have overdone it a little. Just sooo frustrating when I finally have found something that I like doing 😏

  • When you feel up to running again, go super slow and as light on your feet as you can - little steps. Also, if you can run on grass it is a bit softer on your joints. I had knee pain to start with as well, and this helped.

  • I also used the Velcro style knee brace from SD to start with, then used the tubigrip style things for a while until my knees had caught up with the rest of me. The muscles which support your knee joints get stronger as you build up your running stamina, but it does take a little while if they've been neglected for many years, as mine had!

  • Never try to run through proper pain. There are some really good knee stretching excercises on the NHS site, see this link;

    Recommend doing them regularly for a few weeks, also building up your walking

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