Attention everyone!!!!! I only blooming done it!!!!!! whooooooooooooooooooooopie!????

??hi everyone just thought I would share my news....yep I have finally graduated. Final run was completed less than an hour ago in my Beatles room on my treadmill whilst listening to easy e (does anyone know him?) anyway when I got on my bloody knee started to really hurt and I was almost limping but I thought to myself if those runners can do a marathon on Sunday with probably sore legs, hips, feet etc then I am sure I can do my final 30 mins and I did :) I feel so pleased with myself. when I read that I would be able to run for 30 mins 9 weeks ago I said to my partner "yeah right we will see" and me being a stubborn old ox set out to prove the pod casts and Laura wrong but I failed miserably because I completed every single run without a hitch (well apart from thinking I would die any second on every run). The point is it does work and it's agreat way to get pretty fit in such a short space of time and I would recommend it to anyone, infact I have inspired at least another three people to join the running gang so I must look fab ha ha! I set out on this mission to help me give up smoking and lose some weight, I have successfully been off the ciggys for three months now and I am about five lbs lighter and although I am still a size 16, I am a more comfortable size 16 and definatelu more curvy with most of my toning happening around the middle so I have a lovely hour glass figure now (a large hour glass but still), I feel more sexy and more confident and my energy levels are defiantly up so if anyone out there is thinking of starting or is struggling in the early weeks, then please please do keep going it is such a personal achievement to complete the challenge :) good luck all.

what's next for me?........feet up tonight, next run Wednesday :)


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20 Replies

  • Great news! Congratulations: it's been an amazing journey :)

  • Congratulations :)

  • Woohoo congratulations!

  • Massive congratulations :-) So pleased for you and its so good to hear that you've inspired others to join our crazy bunch :-D Congrats on the ciggies too - that's so hard to do - I've done 18 months now and still remember the pain of the early days so to manage that with all the running too AND losing weight (I put on 2 stone) just wow :-D I'm seriously in awe!

  • Well done, put your feet up and feel smug! looking forward to catching you up!

  • Congratulations on all your victory's well done on all fronts, great to read about your win win win, enjoy a bit of a restful evening :)

  • Excellent, well done you and you should be very proud of that stubborn determination that saw you through. Keep up the great work! :-)

  • Well done Pricey. Great news and now you get a BADGE :)

  • congratulations, well done on everything..not easy to give up smoking and lose weight. Amazing how many benefits the program has! :)

  • woohoo!! congratulations :)

  • thanks everyone :) I may smugly go to bed now. oh that reminds me does anyone else have running dreams now??? I have them all the time! anyway nite my fellow runners :)

  • well done pricey very pleased for you ;-)

  • Fantastic well done - here comes your badge!!! :)

  • Yippee! Congratulations to you, what a feeling eh?! :) You have a Beatles room? coolio ;)

  • Well done Pricey, graduating, giving up the smokes, losing weight and inspiring others to follow in you footsteps. That is all pretty amazing, congratulations :)

  • Well done you. Not only graduating - but also giving up smoking and losing weight. That's fantastic. Just think of how much fitter and healthier your heart and lungs must be. Brilliant stuff.

  • Great stuff; well done you.

  • congratulations

  • Isn't it amazing how we all thought it was a pipe dream but actually did it? I keep thinking about Del Boy the episode when Raquel had the baby. "She's only gone and done it" And so have you!

  • Excellent job, you really have turned your life around in 9 weeks!

    Well done :)

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