Couch to 5K

Oh Dear not run since Tues

I headed out Tues for my 25 min run got 7 mins in and had to stop and walk home..I felt awful I couldn't catch a breath and just felt unwell without being able to put my finger on it! Should have listened to my body earlier.

So anyway haven't been out since, I'm heading out tom and think I will try for the 25 mins...or am I mad should I do the 2 10mins!?

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In the same position, well nearly, haven't run since Tuesday and will run W5R1 tomorrow, just feel totally out of kilter at the moment. I think its a mix of not feeling great, super-stressy at work and loss of routine over Easter


I know exactly how you feel Mirella. Good Luck tomorrow I'll let you know how it goes. Keep me posted about yours.


I don't think missing a few days will have too major an impact. That 20 min run is a real turning point in this programme and a real high point too. There's no harm in repeating the w2 run if you don't feel ready, but you could try the w3 run and see how it goes. Just don't give yourself any injuries by doing too much too early, it's fine to push yourself a little bit to build up stamina though.


If you feel that your confidence has taken a knock re-try a previous run, it'll give you a boost. That said your fitness if following the plan correctly should enable you to complete it.

But we all have good and bad days so just right that last run off and see your next run as a fresh start.

Trust Laura, she'll get you through.


Oh no! It knocks your confidence in yourself when your body doesn't respond like you are used to. I had a similar experience after finishing the program.

I could easily run the 30 minutes at a fair pace and was thinking of trying to run faster. The next run at the gym (I run a mix of the great outdoors and the gym) I upped my pace a bit. Bad bad move! I felt out of breath and unable to breathe properly at all. I dropped the pace after the first 5 minutes but the damage was done and I felt off for the whole run. I even had to walk for a period in the middle. Then I couldn't breath properly afterwards either...

So my confidence in my body took a tumble but I examined my actions and was really careful when changing pace in the future.

So it can hit at any time... The 'oh my goodness what the heck is happening' feeling. I think the trick is learning from our mistakes and just keep trying on the next run.

Ps I now run faster and further so it's only ever a temporary setback...


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