After the utter elation of W5R3 I was quite surprised by today's offering - what... a 5 min run to start - pah, I laugh in the face of your 5 mins Laura!!.... fast forward to me puffing and panting and wondering who the heck has nicked my legs???!!!!! and my lungs come to that! The gazelle like ease and joy of 2 days ago has been replaced by a lumbering elephant seal wallowing away and struggling to move forward - what on earth is that about???

I managed it, I finished ok, and even managed to up the pace, but omg..... that was so hard compared to the last run - why?? What happens? Why, when you ran 20 mins does your body decide to revert to couch potato and sulk at being asked to do 5/8/5? I'm actually quite concerned again now - I haven't looked at what R2 is but I'm worried that my legs will refuse to go again, and I know its 25 on Tuesday eekk!!!

Still, at least afterwards within minutes I was feeling better and breathing again so recovery is quicker than before but that was a shock to the system lol :-)


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11 Replies

  • felt exactly the same i stoped for about 10 seconds when laura said you have run 4mins omg i was only . going to do mynext run tomorrow i find its always better doing it in the morning.fingers crossed i can manage the 10 mins

    good luck

  • Me too ! I managed it but it was harder than expected - I suspect there's an element of needing more recovery after the week 5 20 minutes. I also found W6R2 difficult but felt a lot more positive for R3. I don't think you need to worry, just trust the program.

  • I felt exactly the same also, just finished week 6, and can assure you the rest of the week is better, still not easy, but better than W6R1 ! Go for it ;-)

  • I felt that way too on w6r1 - I couldn't understand it at all - but it came ok by the end of the week, honestly :D

  • I am in the same position, week 6 run 1 was my hardest yet, I was the same thinking hey I can run 20 mins this will be easy but it was horrendous!! U may be slightly relieved to know that I did run 2 today and it was a little easier but still tough, I didn't feel sick this time! Trying to stay positive for the 25 mins on Sunday, but this has by far been the toughest week for me so your not alone!!

  • Same here. The run after the elation of 20 mins was a real struggle but it does get better and I'm still grateful to those who put together this programme that got even me off the couch and running.

  • Did week 6 run 1 about 3 hours ago and really enjoyed it. I felt really tired after work and did not know if I could manage it but found it ok and I think I must have been a little faster than normal. I have seen so many times on this blog that people think this is a hard one so was expecting it, but actually I didn't think it was too bad. Well done to you for completing it though and hope the next run is not so tough for you.

  • I've seen a few other posts about W6 runs 1 and 2 and alot of advice is mind over matter, and I think its quite true, we're all so amazed at doing the 20 minutes we think we can run anything, so going back to intervals tricks the mind.

    For each of the trickier days we know its making our body and hopefully mind stronger.

    All the best for the rest of the week, And R3 for me felt great.....getting through to hear Laura say those magic words.....

  • Yes that was a hard one, my legs still seemed to be tired from the "big week 5 run", but you learn a lot from each run I think.

  • Arrr...week 6 r1 nxt for me...??

  • I am SO glad you posted this! I did Week 6 Run 1 this morning and felt EXACTLY as you described! Thought it was something wrong with me until I read all the above posts! Now feel much more encouraged and ready to tackle run 2 on Wednesday (although still worried about Friday's run!)

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