Couch to 5K


Winston and I set off thinking 'we're gonna breeze this'! How wrong?! It's really cold today and the first 5 min run nearly killed me. I couldn't get my breathing right, my legs were really cold and heavy and I was thinking 'there's no way I'm going to be able to do 8 mins'. :(

However, the next 8 were better in comparison breathing wise, but legs were still heavy.

Then the 3 min walk to get breath back, felt I didn't need for breath, but legs were a bit jellified.

Hurray, last 5 mins, really strode out in the last minute and felt I accomplished far more than I at first thought.

Poor Winston's eyes were on stalks, with his tongue lolling out to the side, and drool slavering down his chin - oh wait, that might have been me :p I've got a nest of cold sores, and chest feels a bit tight so might be a bit under the weather, but, overall really happy :D ! C25K has just brought me down to earth with a bump though...xx

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Well done. It's difficult going back to the intervals after the excitement of conquering week 5 run 3. It throws a lot of people off balance. Good on you for carrying on. Just hang on to the knowledge that you CAN do this. Slow and steady, you're on your way to graduation😊

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Oh My Days, Graduation :D I've never thought about it like that. Dad will be proud of me when I tell him what I've been on with...xx


A lot of people struggle with W6R1 after the euphoria of Week 5, you're not alone. I actually preferred from the end of Week 6 onwards when I left the intervals behind as you can get into a rhythm and work out your pacing with no walking to interrupt. Keep at it, it's worth it for what Laura tells you at the end of Week 6. :)


Now then, what Laura tells me at the end of Week 6 - that's got me in suspense, not heard that mentioned before :) ! Could be snow up here by mid to end of the week, hope it doesn't put the kybosh on my endeavours...xx


If you have the podcasts then you'll hear it and it'll make you smile. Fingers crossed the snow holds off for a few days so you can get your runs in. :)


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