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Ok I get it now........was wondering what after having run for 20 mins non stop in w5r3 we go back to running and walking. But having done w6r1 this morning I found it the hardest run so far in the programme. For me it was harder to run again after th 3 minute walk, the getting back into rhythm and finding my stride. So I think what te programme is showing is that keep running is the way forward. I know w6r2 is running and walking again. But I have trusted in this programme so far with fab results. So I will do it. But really looking forward to r3 - non stop running yay!

Have fun everyone



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;-) Well done Mandy! ;-) That run tends to knock a few runners off of cloud 9 from the 20 minute run. I was one and week 6 was my worse week other then week 1. You are making a great decision to continue on trusting in the program. :-) Gayle


I ran W6R1 yesterday and have said elsewhere on here that it was my worst run since the early weeks, I found it really hard going after the 20 minutes of week 5. I'm hoping run 2 tomorrow puts me back on course! I hope you'll forgive me if I say it's nice to hear that others struggle with it too, as I was convinced I was a useless couch potato yesterday!


Thank you Gayle. I must say my new addiction is now running. ??

WepreRunner, there have been lots of posts about w5 and w6 and they have been along the same lines as how we both feel. We are not useless couch potatoes we are almost 30 minute runners. For me that's a huge achievement as 8 weeks ago I hated running and now it's a passion of mine. Park run number planned for 3 weeks time. Xx


"We are not useless couch potatoes we are almost 30 minute runners." I think that's the bit I need to hang onto!


I did week6 run1 today aswell and found it hard, my legs are really aching tonight too!


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