Enjoying Week Five

Hi folks, I started running five weeks ago but this is my first post here!

I've had a couple of rough runs over the past month and a bit, but this week it feels like something has finally clicked and it's all going really well. I did W5R2 on Tuesday and it was brilliant - before I went out I was pretty nervous about running for eight whole minutes, but once I got into it everything was fine. In the second half I even sped up for the last couple of minutes so I was nearly sprinting by the end, which was a real confidence boost.

I've got the dreaded W5R3 coming up this evening, and a couple of weeks ago I thought I'd be panicking at the thought of running for 20 minutes but I'm actually really looking forward to it!

Now, let's just hope I haven't jinxed myself by posting this...

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  • Keep up the good work !! Im new to posting on here too but find it very inspirational and is forcing me to get my butt into gear. I have just finished Week 2 and cant imagine reaching Week 5 but im still cracking on with it and feel so much fitter already :-)

  • I did W5R3 yesterday and it was brilliant, I actually enjoyed it :-) I think W5 has been my favourite of all the weeks so far - I think the variety helps, its not the same run 3 times and it feels like you're really starting to get somewhere :-) Hope it goes well for you tonight, you'll be amazed how fast the time flies! I started off a little slower than normal, but then picked up the pace 3 times over the last 5 minutes - relax and you'll love it :-)

  • Go Frazzles! Your post has cheered me up as I just failed to complete W5R2 this morning. I am going to start week five again with renewed determination and self-belief.

    Good luck with your 20 min run tonight.

  • Let us know how it goes :-)

  • Well done, keep up the hard work! I am sure you will have a great run this evening! :-)

  • I can't wait to hear how you got on! I'm new to posting here too, but also on week 5 this week. I've tried the program a couple of times before and never managed W5D3. But, this time I'm much fitter and stronger, so really hoping I can find the mental strength to match that and make it through.......!

  • Well done you! Hope it's gone ok

  • Thanks for all the comments :)

    I did worry when I got home yesterday that I might not be able to make it out for a run after all, since it was tipping it down with rain, but luckily it eased off in time. It was hard work but I managed to make it through the full twenty minutes, hooray!

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