Couch to 5K

Week 1

Well here I am again. I started C25K in the heady days after Christmas and completed Week 1 - and the excuses started - namely the snow, I got a cold, I hurt my shins, we went on holiday blah de blah de blah....

So here I am with 2.5 months before the Race for Life and I have given myself an ultimatum to GET ON WITH IT!

W1 D1 - It's Bank Holiday Monday, the cats have got me up by jumping all over me - the husband and the child are asleep and I have a niggling thought in the back of my head..... This is the perfect time to stick on the exercise gear taunting me from the top of my chest of drawers and get on with it - the ipod is fully charged - nothing is stopping me... And so I went and you know what I huffed and puffed (much worse than the first time I did this) and I very nearly didn't do the last run - but I forced myself and came home with a huge sense of euphoria!

W1 D2 - So it's a work day, I've set my alarm for 5.30 and when it goes off I think hmmm... press snooze or get up, press snooze or get up.... and then the cats jump on me again (who needs a personal trainer eh?!). And before I know it I am in the garden doing my stretches and off I go. I manage to run further than the first day (gratifyingly!) and when I get up I feel full of energy and looking forward to Day 3 on Friday - lets hope I keep it up this time!

W1 D3 - I have had a friend staying over these last few day and I was due out for a run on Friday morning which never happened... However I was up early on Saturday morning and away - it was a beautiful crisp frosty morning and although the first 60 sec run was hard - I found myself surprised at how quickly the other ones went. I hope this bodes well for next week when we increase to 90 second run! I still can't see myself ever running for 20 mins none stop - but I do feel ready to increase the runs slightly. Wish me luck for Week 2 which starts on Monday!

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Well done that's brilliant - keep it up!! YaY!


Well done, keep going! Although it looks like your cats are going to make sure you keep it up anyway :)

Well done on pushing through on your first day and doing all the runs, I bet you felt so great after :)


You can do it!!!

Good luck with C25K


Well done! I think the general advice is to avoid too much in the way of stretching before a run but make surer you do the warm up walk. Do stretch well afterwards though - there's some ideas on the coolrunnings website (the people who devised c25k). Mind you, I've reached the stage where if I don't have a good stretch in the morning I can't get out of bed!


Thanks guys - that's great advice re: stretching which I will take on board. Yes the cats think it's great that they get fed at 5.30 rather than the usual 7.00!


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