Yesterday Week 1,D1, Hungover

Yesterday Week 1,D1, Hungover

So bad habits are a funny thing, you really want to be good, but the next time…need I say more.

Couch to 5k is to introduce a good habit into my life, to help push out bad, or at least create a balance.

Yesterday I woke up feeling so sleepy and hungover, with a busy 10 hour day at work ahead, and luckily a 10am start.So I bit the bullet and tuned into Laura, having downloaded and researched lots over the last few days, time to stop reading about it and start doing it.

I purchased a treadmill about a couple of months ago, and tried to be driven and consistent, but Im a bit soft on myself, but have experienced the energy that you get after a run-

hence W1,R1 hungover, I had such a busy day at work ahead -a can of energy drink was not going to cut it, as I dragged my tail around the house not even able to decide what to wear, needless to say I did have a lot of coffee as well to get me through the day, but the run really did help.

So fresh back from a holiday after enjoying buffet breakfasts/restaurant meals and cocktails,along with being freshly married after 13 years together -

Time to be honest with myself,bring out the best of me,and put some self control into my life, for me.

Tomorrow W1,R2...

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  • It's just the beginning. Strangely similar to my beginning, actually (the hungover bit). Keep at it - it will reward you :-)

  • How was the process, hard at times, or did the good habits and good addiction kick in? Were you a runner, or considered fit to begin with?

  • Apart from the running, I haven't developed good habits yet although I'm probably a bit more careful about what I eat. I'd been exercising at the gym for a couple of months after getting a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and being right on the borderline between overweight and obese - I certainly wasn't fit and was very prone to being stressed and depressed. I soon found that I love running, the C25K went smoothly and I joined a running club soon after graduating - that kept me motivated, I made new friends and started aiming for longer distances. I've done 1 half-marathon now and I'm planning a marathon next year. That has motivated me to try and cut down the booze at last. Cut down, not give up ! I've also gone down a couple of dress sizes without dieting (I don't weigh myself in case I get obsessive). The running has given me a much more positive outlook, I deal with stress better and I sometimes even forget my prescription drugs because I feel so much better (can't do that for too long though). I have more confidence too. To be honest, although I still get runs that feel like really hard work, I'm always glad when I've been for a run. I've injured myself a couple of times through being impatient and trying to do too much too soon so I think the best advice I could give is to say be patient, build up slowly and don't expect miracles overnight. If you do that and enjoy running for itself the benefits will follow. Oh, and my parkrun PB was done with a hangover ;-)

  • Very encouraging to hear,it sounds like some good habits have come without you even realising, great positive outlook.Looking forward to where,from here :)

  • I think we are all worth bringing out the best in ourselves! You included. So it's just great that you have started on this programme, and posted about it.

    I have found this community so inspiring and it really helped me to remember that I am not doing this alone. Other folk are willing you on too. I managed to find 3 or 4 folk who were at the same stage of the programme and we looked out for each other's posts - I actually felt a bit accountable to them!

    Let us know how run 2 run went :)

  • Hey that's good advise, to try and join the journey with others at the same stage, I'm just starting my day,sitting in bed with my cup of tea, reading and getting motivated by the posts, Today is my W1,R2. ..I guess the problem is I know I'm still at the easy part, feels like a long way to go.

    I will keep reading, and introducing those new habits.

  • Hi I done my 2nd run on the treadmill this morning. I upped the speeds for the walk and run. I must admit I was rather sweaty afterwards. Treadmill said I burnt 51 calories and did 1.8 miles. I really enjoyed it even though I worked and found it harder than my first run. My son has a day off school on Friday as teachers have a training day so we are off out at 0800 hrs for a early run!!!

    Let me know how you get on xx

  • Hi, yeahhhh second run done, at this stage I will always be a treadmill session.Well done us :)) FOr me it's the weekend ones that I think I will struggle with,this Saturday I'm not working so will be ok, but normally it's a full day, it's going to take some good planning.

  • Hi, well done you!!! We can do it!!! It's great for us to compare. Keep it up and I will let you know how I get on with my next run tomorrow xx

  • Have you seen the wall chart that you can download/print, this evening I went through my diary and marked my running days for every second day until week 5,where it looks to get hard then it's 3 times a week through to early/mid December.Hope I'm just being organized and not too wishful. Roll on Xmas !!!

  • Yes I have downloaded it too. I haven't look too far ahead as I thought it might put me off!!! We could be new super-fit people for the New Year!!!

  • As someone very much a 'non-runner', now on week 5, join the club and keep at it. I'm just getting to the point where I feel I can't give up now.

  • Week 5, wow that looks to be such a cross over point, no you can't give up ;)

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