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Fartlek and Green Day!

I intended to try out Laura's new pilot podcast today (I'm now 2 weeks post-C25K), but got to the park and then couldn't find it on my MP3 player. So I improvised - I put on Green Day's American Idiot and jogged around the park, speeding up for little bits of the run (eg ran really fast as far as the tennis courts, then slowed right down to recover). I did that for 30 mins and my Nike+ Sportband registered a better overall speed than the last time I went out, even including the very slow recovery bits. 3.5k in 30 mins - not fantastic (would be 42 mins for 5k) but a lot better and I certainly feel as if I've worked out!! (and Green Day always cheers me up too).

It's great to be able to 'play' with my runs now, as Greg_M puts it. So if you're currently struggling with week 1, this is something to look forward to (and in my experience it's quite a shock to realise you're actually looking forward to a run!!).

Have fun out there :-)

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Great album to run to! Looking forward to doing the new podcasts, about to graduate this week so hopefully they're not far off. Your speed sounds about the same as mine :)


Where is this pilot podcast?


Hi JIP - it's here: then you have to click 'Click here to start download from sendspace' (not the download on the left of the screen). It's a prototype so you'll hear a man say 'Hello, I'm Laura' which is a bit weird! If you're used to doing a 5 min warmup walk you'll probably want to do that first as they don't include one. Apparently the full set (with Laura's voice) will be available in May, so not long! Hope it goes well......


Great album for running, I've also use 21st Century Breakdown. I like going through my music collection. :)


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