Forty shades of Green!

Just back from a lovely week in Ireland visiting the rellies. Didn't know how the running would go but actually managed to get out and do 30 minutes three times so feeling quite pleased with myself.

I did have to put up with my family laughing at the whole idea. My mum thought my running kit was ridiculous and told me so! I thought I'd seen the last of 'You're not going out dressed like that, are you?' about 30 years ago but apparently not! ;-) Then she started telling me not to go down one lane 'because it's lonely down there'. Not sure what she thought I would encounter in the middle of nowhere in rural Ireland - murderers?, rapists?, goblins?, leprecauns? Felt I should counter with 'I'm going anyway and you can't stop me!' but restrained myself because after all I am not still 15!

In the event the biggest hazards turned out to be hills and dogs. OMG it is really so hilly where my folks live. To think I never really noticed we live halfway up a mountain - no wonder I never really got into cycling as a kid. Still I toughed it out and consoled myself that even if I had not increased my time or distance at least the hills would be putting some strength into my legs.

As for the dogs - it seems like every house in Ireland is home to umpteen mad dogs that are allowed to run free all over the place. In fairness they were mostly farm collies and I didn't really feel threatened although they do bark a lot!

I ran on farm tracks and country roads in the drizzle and it was lovely! My brothers yearling calves were pretty fascinated by it all (Cattle are the nosiest creatures on the planet) but I didn't encounter many people and managed to avoid my cousin who lives just up the road and might have had a hernia laughing if he'd seen me!

As for the 40 shades of green - this was a song many years ago and the 40 shades of green are the colours of Irelands 'moorlands and meadows'! So all ye who were thinking of something else - just go and wash your minds out with soap! :-)


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20 Replies

  • Ahh how lovely, what a great blog it really made me smile! x

  • A great blog! My Mum is the same, when I'm in my kit and about to go running she gives me the same 'I despair' look she gave me when i was a teenager.

  • I'll never forget a few years ago, when my husband cycled (and I drove) to my dear M.I.L.'s house. When he turned up in lycra shorts, her eyes came the nearest I've ever seen to popping out of her head! Mind, I do in lycra should be hung drawn and quartered!!!!

  • My hubby cycles too. Goodness only knows what my mum would say if she was to see him all decked out in his lycra! :-)

  • Yay Ireland! I'm from Ireland! Haha just needed to get that in. Great post, good on you for getting out on your hols!

  • What a great blog! Really made me smile because I live in Ireland (but I'm from the UK) and your blog just about sums up my runs, too. Especially the dogs - I had a close encounter with a jack russell the other day while running along the canal. I wasn't sure for a moment who was going to end up in the water, me or him. Fortunately the owner made him safe just in time...

    I laughed at the mum thing - I'm off on a family holiday this weekend, mum included, and I'm sure she'll have a few things to say about my running gear too...

  • Glad neither of you ended up in the canal! Jack russells are the worst because they get under your feet. At least the collies only circle round as if you were a sheep they needed to round up! :-)

  • Great blog Pingle; we did Northern Ireland last summer and it was fab...we didn't get to go south of the border (we thought we needed passports and we didn't have any at the time; banged our heads later on finding out that wasn't the case).

    My grandad came from Banbridge Town (in County Down!) and we went and had a look around there too.

    Anyway, yes, farm tracks, dogs, hills...sounds just like the Saltash Half Marathon!!!


  • Glad you had a nice time! Once had a boyfriend who was from Banbridge so I know that part of the world quite well. You'll have to go back again sometime to see south of the border! Don't go for the weather though! :-)

  • Its my teenage daughters who do the "you can't go out there dressed like that" when I dare to go out in cycling shorts.... my knees had not seen the english sky in decades before I started c25k!

  • Funny how things turn around. A couple of years ago when I was visiting my mum went out for the evening saying she'd be home around midnight. 12 came and went, 1 o'clock, - she finally rolled up at 2.30 and I gave her such an ear bashing. "Where were you and why didn't you ring me to say you'd be late?" She just laughed at me and said " Now you know what it was like when you were a teenager!" ;-)

  • Wonderful blog, made me smile ;)

  • Now we all want to run in Ireland, you lucky thing. I have a gradual hill (so I'm told but personally, I think it's the highest hill in England!) and it's not doing anythng for my leg muscles so hope your hills were better! I've run up and down the road twice a few times but I really hate running the same way, and the dog gets very depressed too!

    Loved your blog!

  • People say Ireland has no proper mountains but I challenge them to run up the road outside my parents house and say it again! :-)

  • Your runs certainly didn't sound easy but the fog and mist must have helped? It can't be as bad when you can't see where you're going!!!!!!

  • Sounds like an idyllic holiday, and great blog pingle. Aren't families just wonderful? Daughter commented favourably on my legs having toned up :) then went onto say unfortunately I'd always have the big bum as it's in our genes!

  • Nothing like a relative to give a big dose of reality just when you're feeling pleased with yourself! At least you get your revenge by having passed on the big bum genes! :-)

  • enjoyed your blog - arent mums fantastic!! I've recently taken up c25k having lost a stone- proudly told my mum only to be asked 'what do you want to do that for?' Cheers, mum!!

  • I know what you mean! You wonder if they're on your side at all sometimes :-)

  • Brilliant! ;)

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