Not a question, but a statement!

I did it! I finally plucked up the courage to do SOME running!

I couldn't do the W1R1 yet as I am just under 20 stones and have not run for years. So I did the 'Zest' magazine where you run for one minute, fast walk for 3 minutes and repeat it 3 times. Plus a 5 min warm-up and a 5 min cool down walk too.

I was exhausted afterwards and felt pretty sick too, but I was also pleased that I had kept going and not quit halfway!

Just wanted to share this. Might not be much to lots of people but it is a bit of a big thing for me!

B x


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16 Replies

  • Well done. It's a sense of achievement isn't it!. Best of luck.

  • Good for you - if you keep that up you'll soon be ready for W1R1.

  • Fantastic, its a slippery slope from here :-) but we have all been at the starting end of the process so we all know its not a small thing, nor was it for any of us don't worry.

    Keep us all up to date.

  • Very well done and you will be bitten by the bug soon!!!!

    Keep up the good work and keep us informed!

  • Great, you are on the way. I found Week 1 run 1 impossible to start with and just did what I could. But next time it was easier and I finished. Each time you run it is a win. Go girl, go!

  • Well done, I think that's great and you should be chuffed to bits (really really pleased) with what you have started. I did alot of walking over a couple of weeks before I started but got into the c25k and have gone on through the weeks, it gets addictive. Keep up the good work and graduation day will be calling.......

  • you should be grinning from ear to ear :) well done on taking the first step & giving it a go. onwards & upwards!!

  • Well done you, that is superb. I undestand exactly as I weighted 21.5 stone this time last year. I could only just manage to walk a mile let alone run for one minute. You should be very proud of yourself.


  • Well done! The hardest part is getting started and you've done that!

    Keep us updated on how you get on x

  • Well done, you have taken the hardest step by getting started. Keep it up :)

  • Fantastic stuff - and your resourcefulness is very very promising - you'll go far (quite literally!) :-)

  • Well done! I found wk1r1 so hard too but persevere and it does get easier and you will surprise yourself! Keep it up

  • Excellent news! Keep it up! You'll soon be working your way through the program like the rest of us! You will be surprised at how soon you're able to regain your breath as you progress. And remember, you're doing far more than someone just sitting on a couch! Who cares how long it takes you to complete the program. The important thing is you're doing something about it! Keep going, we're all rooting for you!

  • Thank you all SOO much.

    I have had a bit of a weekend-feeling rotten, but I am determined to get back on it tomorrow. Even if I only do the same again, at least it is a start.


    B x

  • I got straight into C25k but Week 1 took me nearly 6 weeks to complete. I started out and did as many of the runs as I could do 'comfortably' (bearing in mind I had to get back to where I started) and just walked the rest of the podcast - I didn't see it as quitting. It was great to see the number of runs I could do build up. So you can start now if you want, just give yourself permission to listen to your body.

  • You can do it. Just do a few more Zest runs and then start. You will really enjoy it.

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