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Getting my head around it!

Just got back from doing R1 in Wk2 and feel great!

I'm finding out that it's true what everybody says, that it's your head screaming you've had enough, your body will move if you tell it to! 90 seconds seemed easier than 60 seconds for some reason.

The tips that Laura gives helped me enormously, remembering to land on my heels... breathing, it definitely helps to do that! The encouragement and support in this community and reading about other peoples experiences though, is the best motivation of all.

I never thought I would ever go out running and especially on my own except I don't feel like I'm on my own with all you lovely people!

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Well done. Keep on going and just follow Laura's advice, it seems to be working for me! Best of luck.


Well done. I had to work quite hard at the landing on my heels, before that I must have sounded like a herd of elephants ! It all starts to fall into place though and I think you get a better rhythm going as the periods of running get longer.


Well done, breathings definitely preferable to the alternative!!! pat yourself on the back, good luck with the rest of wk2


Well done from me too. It's the support on here that's kept me going too - and the thought that I need to report back on where I'm at! I've had some folk send me messages when they've noticed I skipped a day. Really appreciate that. Strange though it seems, the reminders to keep breathing deeply have really helped.


It does (in many ways) get easier as the runs get longer, as you settle into a rhythm - a lot of us on here find that the first 10 mins are the worst, whatever stage you're at, so it makes sense that as you start to run for longer, you'll be able to enjoy your runs more. Just keep plodding on and let the programme work its magic!! And well done Gridlet!!!!


Thankyou all so much fr your support


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