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App doing my head in

Hi all, I'm at the end of week two and about to embark on week three still feeling very enthusiastic. But – I've read on here about people saying that different days i.e. later in the week get harder and I'm really quite sure that my app is not recording my progress properly I never get to the bit where I added the stars as to how I feel et cetera . Well, it has once but then it didn't do it again. Also, of the problems with the app such as the music – it's okay for the first couple of runs but then it just stops! And won't let me play it. Do I reload? I haven't been able to record my progress so far so I'm guessing I can't reload the app and just take myself to week three ? – – Grrr!

Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying getting out my bum slim down a little and I don't get out of breath so much – and I've only done six runs but, I'd like the motivation of seeing my progress recorded too !

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What app are you using? I, and I think a lot, use the NHS couch to 5 k podcasts, they're 👍. You won't get stats on it but until you've completed the 9 weeks it's all about ' doing it'😀

If you want stats for each run then you need something like Runkeeper ( many others exist 😉)

I really would advise not to track your progress yet, just follow the program, take it slow ( I know, heard it all before 😂) but seriously as you're running for longer periods of time you need to pace yourself to stay injury free👍

Good luck, with it ( I found the 3rd run easiest btw😉) it was the next week that scared me😳


Hi, firstly well done for getting this far.

I totally agree with Jalapenolover101, start thinking about stats once you've finished the nine weeks, for now just concentrate on building up to a 30 min non stop run. I used the NHS podcast and have to say I wouldn't have succeeded if I hadn't had Laura pushing me on ... the music's awful but at the right pace so I found it helped.

And to repeat what you will read many times on this forum ... take it slow, slow, slow, always take at least one rest day between runs and have confidence in the program. You'll do it, go for it!

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My App keeps shutting off about half way through and it's driving me mad, I have to then restart it and skip through to where I was! It's the old NHS one with Laura. I might try downloading the podcasts and see what people mean by the awful music! 🤔


I use the NHS one with Laura. Laura's great, but if anyone can tell me how to get music with it (however awful!) I'd be grateful.


If you down load the pod casts directly from the NHS site, you will have the music (just wait til you get to Julie...) :) (Podcasts, don't go to iTunes or Google play, just click on the appropriate week)


Yes I stuck with Laura and at week 7 added map my run just to see how I was progressing

I'm a technaphobe but managed to download and operate system so it must be easy


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