Couch to 5K

Week 8 run 2

Been a while since I posted, I think it was my week five, run three. Since then I joined our local jog scotland class, and between that and running with the girls from work it took a while to get through the week 6 pod casts.

The running is going ok, I think I need new trainers - these ones are starting to lose their bounce. But it still amazes me that I can run at all, and I know now I can make the full time. Today I started to push the pace, and got my first under ten minute mile - was knackered right enough but it was worth it!

I got a bit keen last week and entered a 10k. Oh lord, what have I done lol!

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Great news, well done and the 10k will be ace to do - your a runner and now officially mad as you've entered a race to. The ten minute mile is fantastic, well done Allybally.


Well done on the under 10 min mile, seems like you've been doing a lot of running and managing it well so the 10k shouldnt be a problem :)


Allybally, allybally bee, sitting on your mammy's knee, crying for a wee bawbee, to buy some sugar candy ( it's a very long time since my mum sang that to me up home at Loch Lomond!)

Well done you on your sub ten minute mile and on continuing with your running. How many miles are on your trainers?? They are supposed to last at least 500 miles or a year, depending on what comes first?

Where is your 10k race happening? The most I've raced so far is 5 miles in Exmouth and that nearly killed me despite being a "mostly flat" (their words, not mine!) course.

I'm just getting back into my running after injury, in fact, I'm looking out the window and thinking I could get at least 30-40 minutes in before lunch. At least I'll feel I've earned it!! Ok - upstairs for my kit!!

Keep running!



Ah someone that knows the rhyme!

Turns out that the trainers are done. They're about five years old but sat pristine and unused in the wardrobe til I started going to the gym in september. All the gym work has over flexed them, plus I am really hard on my heels (30 years of horse riding has a lot to answer for!)

So shiny new trainers.

Running wise I'm up to 4 miles and the 10 k is in Glasgow in may, there is a bit of a problem in that I've got a minor op to go through next week - if ever anyone wants to speed up the nhs waiting list system, simply enter a 10k and buy new trainers, this will instantly cause your date to suddenly become available.... :)

Hope you enjoyed your run!


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