Couch to 5K

Week 6 - Run 3

Did this earlier this afternoon. Wasn't looking forward to it but it went surprisingly well, even managed to "sprint" the last two mins of the 25. And now Laura tells me I am officially "a runner". Pass many people on my route - walkers, cyclists, runners and dog-walkers. We always acknowledge each other with a nod or smile. The other day my daughter mentioned a 10k (!!) Bluewater run in September...... Laura had better hurry up with those Bridge 2 10k podcasts and that just might be a possibility.........

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Well done shoutingwoman....i did w6r3 on friday and felt so chuffed when laura said i was officially a runner. I knew she was going to say it cos of all the posts on here but i still grinned from ear to ear when she said it! ( mad woman )...

Like you just about to start w7( tomorrow) and desperate for laura and her chums to hurry up with the 10k podcasts. While waiting think may just repeat w9 twice to consolidate and then go for the 10% extra time each week til laura ready. what are your plans?


Well done! Feels such a great achievement doesn't' it :)


I think once I "graduate" I will just continue running for 30 mins each session increasing by 10% on the longer run at the weekend. I've got to that stage before, a couple of years ago now, so know that it's possible, but I think it would v helpful to have a program/podcasts to follow as these do seem to help to pace and motivate oneself. Hopefully, it won't be too long before Laura rolls out the plan. Week 7 for me starts on Tuesday. Good luck with your progress.


Congratulations - I did this run yesterday and like you I managed to run faster at the end and even did an extra minute :o) I actually enjoyed myself which is an incredible thing to be able to say! Lucy


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