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Too Tired To Run Today


Should be doing my second week of W2 today starting on R1, but after my husband took me out for my lunch today I am so tired I decided to leave it until tomorrow, but I will still do R2 on Monday to keep up. Is it ok to run on two consecutive days just for once, as I am just too pooped this afternoon. I feel though I have let myself down by not running today and if I don't keep up I am frightened that I will spoil everything I have acheived so far. I know I am only repeating W2 but for me what I have done so far is a real acheivement.

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On Monday see how you feel, you may be too tired from Sundays run or you may feel fine so go with the flow, otherwise keep the gap going and just do the next one on tuesday


No harm at all in a couple of consecutive days once in a while (I hope). We all have busy lives and sometimes even running has to take second place ;-)

Keeping going is the important thing and doing consecutives only once in a while.

You are doing great!


Just see how you go, no need to rush through the programme. Think sometimes if your not ready to go then don't but don't let this put you off. keep going am like you, about same age and have now just finished week 5.

Your doing great


It's fine to miss a day every now and then. Sometimes I just feel exhausted and I know it's a bad idea to make myself run. - there's no rush.


Just done yesterday's run this afternoon, and am now back on track again.

A little colder today so did it on my treadmill, bananas are nice and all that but can't wait for tea as I am starving.


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