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Running as therapy (and in the rain too!)

I have aspergers and sometimes everything gets overwhelming. This morning I had to do something I find difficult (involved asking people for something which I find excruciating) so when I got home feeling shaky I looked out of the window at the rain and almost cried.

Then instead of curling up in bed or working out my budget (very calming to my odd brain!) or burying myself in a book I decided to go for a walk in the park.

Just a walk.

In the rain.

But then after a mile of feeling sorry for myself and stroking all the dogs I came across I decided to run for a bit. I know it is against the rules as I shouldn't run 2 days in a row but I needed to do something.

I didn't want to run the 25 minutes my next run demands so I thought I'd run up to a certain point and then walk back so I ended up running for 12 minutes before turning round, walking for a bit then running to one of my favourite songs (I blame Queen) for just shy of 4 mins more. Then I walked home and texted a runner friend to ask for help on Sunday with wk6r3.

I never ask for help. I find it very hard and feel I'm bothering people so I'm quite proud of myself!!

Any way I know it's not strictly c25k but I just wanted to share ;)

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You should be proud too! My niece has Aspergers and I know how difficult it can be sometimes for her to cope with things that most of us would consider mundane and wouldn't think twice about. I'm glad that running offers you some relief. Good luck on Sunday! Steve x


Well done CG! We've all gotta do whatever it takes to get through the day, and running is a great way of stressbusting. I am now completely knackered after my run in the wind this morning, and am stressbusting by drinking tea and watching a million policemen run around the streets of Paris. I hope things don't get any worse out there - it's pretty bad ...


That is wonderful. So glad you have found a way to de-stress yourself, and glad that you chose to share.


Well done you. I've friends with adult sons who have Aspergers so I know the difficulties involved. That's great that running is helping you. I'm in Cheshire too...near Macclesfield. But I know it's a big county. Maybe we aren't too far apart. Good luck on Sunday :)


Thanks everyone...after a lifetime of "knowing" I couldn't run (I have arthritis too) I am still amazed that I can do it at all!!

Barbarajs...I'm in Knutsford so not too far! I run in Tatton...


It sounds like you've achieved a lot today. I don't know anything about asbergers but I just wanted to post to say I think what you've done and how you've coped is amazing and inspirational xxx


Oh Cheshiregal, be very proud of yourself. Your post is wonderful. Someone I'm close to has Asperger's, so I can imagine, in a small way, what you were feeling before your run. In fact I'm going to show them your post later, as I think running would help them too.


Another vote for running as therapy from me, and I think running on consecutive days if you feel strong and well is ok. My gp looked at my mental health/anxiety notes when I was injured earlier this year and advised me to take painkillers and keep running because the emotional benefits are so powerful!

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Well done, sounds like a fab run! I've found running has given me confidence for stuff I was shy of before, I live in France half the year but was always lacking confidence in speaking it as my Husband is fluent and corrects me in front of people, but these days it just all burbles out! I can't wait to hear what else running helps you with - keep us posted!


Very inspirational. Thanks for that. I find running quite helpful to calm me down.

My son has Asperger's also and I would love him to get into it especially as he needs to burn off energy from time to time. I will show him this post to see if he bites. Fingers crossed.


Well done CG I'm proud of you and I mean that totally truthfully. Well done J


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