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Just curious...Every time I start running I get a headache?

My 5 min walk is fine but the minute I start running I get a headache, it's a constant ache on my right side (forehead and side) which tends to last most of the day! Any suggestions or does anyone else get this?

It doesn't seem to matter what time of the day either I'm normally an early morning runner but have been out in the afternoon.

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You should probably check with the doctor, just to be sure. Do you drink plenty before running ? Do you eat before running ? It could be a sinus problem on one side perhaps. I've had sinusitus for weeks and I torture myself with nasal irrigation before running (google it - it's not as bad as it sounds !) and chew Airways gum (I don't like gum as a rule but it does clear my head). I tend to get headaches at the side when it is very cold but as you are running at different times it probably isn't that.


I don't get headaches during a run but usually a few hours after. I've asked a question on here about having isotonic drinks, which may be the answer for both of us :)


Thanks guys. I had never thought it might be my sinuses before but thinking about it after the past couple of runs when I have been walking back. I have been almost sick with gunk running down the back of my throat, sorry that sounds disgusting!

Might even give the isotonic drinks a try and let you know how I get on..


Hope you get an answer, Does sound sinus related though , good luck :)


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