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Time to get a grip

Hi everyone,

I actually originally started C25K 2 years ago, got up to week 7, then lost my routine and motivation completely due to various factors.

Since then, I've put on more weight and felt disheartened reading various articles recently which suggest that exercise doesn't help you lose weight. I know coupled with healthier eating it would surely help me? My problem is I like my carbs too much. :/

On a few occasions when I've jogged or run after my children, my right knee has felt wobbly and sore. I never experienced this during c25k. I'm hoping that this isn't an unstable patella - we shall see!

The upshot is that I'm starting it all over again today. I'm sick of my clothes not fitting from last year and in spite of what I've read, I'm sure my waist line got trimmer when I was doing c25k even if it didn't show on the scales! I've said it on here, so I need to do it now. The challenge will be doing it 3 x in a week. My job makes it very tough to do anything else in a day as it involves work in the evenings and I'm so not a morning person!! There must be a way!

Okay, just had to get it out there! Thanks for reading! 😋


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Worth bearing in mind that research is across general populations, smoothing out a lot of lumps and bumps, and doesn't tell you about yourself specifically. Expert opinion was not reported in a helpful way (which frankly they might have predicted). You don't burn a lot of calories doing C25K, certainly not the way most people can and should be addressing it. But I am sure it does help most people with their weight loss efforts, just by other means. I've certainly found it psychologically much easier to lose weight and maintain a healthier weight with even the low key exercise I am able to do, having done it without exercise previously (when that was my only option)

You could always let go of the 'in a week' thing... it is more 'groups of 3 sessions' and the most important thing is not running on consecutive days (especially so if your knees get sore) So some of us will actually be running 4 times some calendar weeks.... but other aspects of life might get in the way and twice will still work.

Are you able to get off hard surfaces? That might help with your knee.

If you focus on what you *can* do rather than what you can't - and what you could experiment with (e.g. you could try running earlier - you might be an early morning *runner* even if you are not a morning person) You do clearly really want to do C25K which is a great start, and the things that help people lose weight are the ones they actually do rather than merely think about!


Great post there GM! Yes, I agree, focus on what you CAN do.

I love my carbs but there's nothing wrong with wholewheat pasta, wholegrain rice, wholegrain cous cous, potatoes, porridge, etc but you have to limit your portions, which is not difficult. It's easy. You just keep the scales out on the side. Portion control is easy once you get the hang of it. If you keep running and cut the junk from your diet you're bound to lose weight. If you look at what you're eating with a critical eye then you'll see where you can improve things. Just chuck out stuff you shouldn't be eating, and don't buy any more

Running can change your life but you have to want it to

I hope you choose to start C25k. It's the best thing I ever did, and if you take some time to read the inspirational posts here, you'll see just how many folks have benefitted from it, and are still doing so.

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You've got this! I have a problem with always weighing myself and as people on here have said its about getting fitter and the pounds will soon fall off. And like my husband said to me last night, when was the last time you saw an obese marathon runner? lol he does make me laugh!

I'm not a morning person at all and during the weekdays I don't have time to go out and I'm lucky I can go in the evenings but on the weekends I love an early morning run. It really is a lovely start to the day and you have a lot of energy. Force yourself to at least try the mornings I think you might be shocked lol

Good luck and well done for getting back on it! Xx

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Thank you to everyone for the very encouraging posts. I managed week 2 run 1 okay except for the fact my podcast stopped working half way through and I had to time each of the remaining sections using my phone stopwatch! :/

I do feel better having started again and just want to make sure I can keep it going. That's my biggest struggle usually!

K x


Oh and meant to say also that my knee didn't hurt at all. Was running on a mixture of road and track. Not sure why it seemed okay and I should remain cautious, but that particular excuse for not starting again has perhaps been blown out of the water!!


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