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W5 R2: time to get some running socks

Officially over half way! :)

Found this a bit tough but I think that's because I didn't psych myself up for it, just sort of stumbled out the door and then realized I was about to inflict 16 mins of pain upon myself. The hills were a bit of a killer too, I'd avoid them but the Romans decided that building an entire city on terrain resembling enormous bubblewrap was a good idea. My calves happen to disagree :)

Anyway, the run was thoroughly uneventful apart from having to dodge the sad, lonely people on their way back from at least the 3rd or 4th valentine's trip to the offy.

I felt really good once I'd finished but concede that it's now time to buy some running socks as my poor feet are covered in blisters and strongly object to being used.

W5R3 looks utterly terrifying! I'll give it a go but a little voice wails 'nooooo' every time I think about it :O (must get that schizophrenia seen to)

Best of luck all :)

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well done Kirsty ... I'm just about to start W5 and it dos seem a step up...but this is what we are working too:) I have told my husband that even if I have to do W5 for the rest of my life it will not beat me ... especially now that I bought a pair of running socks yesterday. They did try to sell me the running socks for diabetics at twice the price... but as I have high blood pressure not diabetes I was able to decline them. Not sure if they will help but at least I can say I have running socks :)

Keep going ...and I keep hearing a little voice too but I have called her Laura!!


Running socks make all the difference! I've got 2 pairs from Aldi which were half the price of my sports shop ones and are much better!

Good luck for W5R3! You just kind of get out there and do it. And when you've got it behind you it really sinks in... I can do this... :-)


I did W5/3 this morning and as everyone reassured me, trust the programme it will get you through!


Congratulations newrunneram (am seems appropriate for a morning run!)


Thanks greenlegs, I hope you'll be sticking around here as a post-grad! Your comments and blogs have been an inspiration.


City built on bubblewrap - nice turn of phrase!

Tell that little voice to buck its ideas up and cheer you on! Hope you find some good socks and get those blisters sorted - ouch. Good luck for run 3. :)


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