Week 7, run 2 and gave up after 10 mins :(

I have just got back from my 2nd run of week 7, I only managed 10 minutes, I just didnt have it in me. I have not ever felt like giving up before and feel really disappointed with myself. I did however walk the rest of the route so wasnt all bad. I was just wondering if I should go back to week 6 or just persevere with week 7? Anyone had the same thing happen?


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  • You are not alone. I did this run yesterday and it nearly killed me! It was too hot so I am blaming the heat. I am determined to carry on and plan to run again in the morning. We have done so well to get here but I don't think theres anything wrong in going back a week. For me, I need to push on.

  • I have just completed week 7 (for the second time) I found the first time round really difficult and was running really slow- almost a walk- dont give up and dont feel down- think how far you have come- in KM and also in the sheer will power needed to launch yourself out in the streets 3 times a week. My advice would be to continue do your 3rd run when it is a bit cooler (probably the weekend) and see how you go, if you have done all the "leg" work in the previous weeks you can do this. Tell us how you get on.

  • Thank you both so much for the positive answers, thats just what I need. Nearly picked up fish and chips on my slow walk back home tonight ha ha. But no, I resisted. I think I will complete week 7. I am away on Sunday for a week so when I get back I think I will repeat week 7 again!. Anyway, we have all done really well to get this far, we must not forget that. When I did week 1 and ran for a minute I thought I would die let alone run for 25 mins anytime soon! Good Luck to all :)

  • skimp- lol @ your fish and chop remark, am currently on week 5 of no smoking, week 3 of slimming world and week 4 or Cto5k, and my pizza cravings are unreal!! so thanks for encouraging me not to and please do not post it on herre if you have fish and chips!! ps slightly downhearted as hove not loast nay weight :-( so now its tougher cos am also doing a wine and bread free week to see if that gets the weight reducing. its tough but i do feel really good energy and fitness wise but i so want to drop a size in my jeans too and i feel i deserve it! keep it up and thankks for posting x

  • Don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat so you may not see instant weight loss - it doesn't mean you're not making progress. If you are feeling positive the rest will probably follow :-)

  • Anna, your comments made me laugh lol. You are doing really well to be giving up so much in one go, however I would encourage it. 8 years ago I gave up smoking and went on a diet and lost 3 stone at the same time. I think if you are going to be miserable you might as well give it all up and get it out of the way. Do have the odd treat though, maybe not fish and chips or a curry but a shish kebab or a gin and tonic (low fat naughtiness) :) By the way, I did put the weight back on but have never touched another cigarette which is the main thing. I have been dieting for about 9 months now and lost 2 st. Started the running to get off the extra pounds and I think it is working. Good luck with every thing you are doing, keep us posted on your progress.

  • chip*

  • Speaking to runners I know (who have come out of the closet since I've been enthusing about my new-found love!!), they ALL have bad days and the key is to do as you're doing ie not give up!! Having done my Sport Relief 3 mile-that-wasn't on Sunday (distance-measuring problems) I ventured out again last night, just to do 30 mins, but felt absolutely rubbish, and never got to that point where my breathing settled down and I felt like going 'Yay!!'. I kept going but was nearly at a standstill compared with other weeks. No idea why - again I wonder how much the heat had to do with it - so I'm doing some serious talking to myself ready for the next outing. I also think that walking the rest of the route is a great idea - because you then leave the challenge open to run it (or a bit more of it) on your next attempt. And you can say you did the distance!

  • I also hit a horrible wall at week 7, and received some really good advice from people on this site, which was to make sure that you are really well hydrated beforehand, and to do some stretches both before and after. Which helped a lot. Don't get disheartened - you have come SO far, and you CAN do it, just don't beat yourself up if you have an "i can't go on!" day, as these seem to happen to everyone. I'm now in a routine of doing 30 min runs, and suddenly conked out at 20 mins the other day...but if you give yourself permission to have a bad run, it somehow seems easier to get back on track the next time. Maybe repeat that run..? And give yourself a couple of rest days perhaps. I also think this warmer weather makes it quite hard work. Bring back the rain I say!!

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