First time running outside was difficult and I think I ran a little too fast struggled and had a few stops - help !

I have been so proud of the fact I can actually run but decided on a beautiful Friday morning that I would run around the local park... it was so hard in comparison to the treadmill, I had to go back to interval running. I think I ran too fast and found it so much harder. I am going to do two on the treadmill this week and try and run again on Friday. Any helpful tips would be great.


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10 Replies

  • I had exactly the same issue.

    Week 1, runs 1 & 2 were on the treadmill.

    Run 3 was outdoors and found it so much harder.

    Just done run 3 of week 2, also outdoors, and it wasn't as bad, but still harder than the treadmill.

    Not knowing how fast or slow I'm going is quite tough - I don't have any real advice, but will be watching with interest.

  • Ooooo years ago I used to run on they treadmill and had such a rude awakening when I tried to run outside!!! It is very different, in my opinion, and much harder to actually have to propel yourself forward, deal with uneven ground and slight slopes...or dirty rotten big hills which I avoid! I have just done w4r2 and it has all been outside...I am not prepared to put myself through that again! X

  • ok thanks Lippie and theriddler.... I'm so close to completing that I don't want to not finish, so thinking maybe finish 9 weeks then start running outside. At least I know that its harder on the plus side I have been told to put the running machine onto a gradient of one or two which I will try today and tomorrow to prepare for Fridays run in the park I hope it will be ! Many thanks Guys its so good to get feedback x

  • I just tried running out side i usually run on tread like you and boy was it different my shins are killing me!! I usually don't have a problem also my throat was burning like a beast back to the gym for me!!!

  • I've only run 4 times outside including my 5K road race on Sunday. wanted to do a wk9 last wk to toughen up the tendons but was too busy. I found the earlier runs difficult, but put it down to where i was with my training. running the race i found outside much easier, so much to see, having to watch were i stepped being able to change speed, and not clock watching i ran faster and further!

  • I completed c25K a while ago and am just restarting the programme. Last time I ran outside all of the time. I think with the scenery forever changing it is easy to start off to quickly. My advise would be to always start off a lot slower than you think you should be going. You can always increase your pace later on in the run. I always did this and never couldn't complete a run.

    Hope this helps and good luck for your next run.

  • Like Lippie pointed out, outside is a lot different to treadmill running. You've got the bumpy ground, potholes to avoid, hills, slopes, road traffic, pedestrians and wind to deal with so outside running will always be harder than running a treadmill.

    I've always ran outside but back in the spring, I needed my gait analysed and that meant some treadmill running - I found that so hard and so disorientating to actually run on a treadmill. I would always recommend outside running, more for the fresh air than anything else though!

  • Hello all ! Many thanks for all your replies. In some ways I wish I had started outside at the beginning but was a little self-conscious. BUT I have two weeks and I will have completed the programme. I think that will be a major hurdle and will then start more runs outside. I do need to get some new trainers too but I'm not going to buy any until I finish and have proved my dedication ! I agree its so much more exhilarating outside so I will persevere. x

  • Forgot to say Twilight1 your post was hilarious thanks for making me laugh ! Good Luck on the treadmill :-)

  • I started outdoor running once I graduated and for me it was a lot easier. I struggled with balance as I become disorientated on the treadmill and often resorted to holding on to the sides to keep upright. I also struggled as I constantly looked at the time which seemed to make the timer stop. I did not find it harder physically to run outside, But I did slow down slightly initially.

    I now run outdoors four times a week. I take part in a parkrun each week and have just signed up for my second 10k race with the intention of training for a half marathon early next year. I couldn't do any of these on the treadmill.

    I am now worrying about winter drawing in and having to go back to the treadmill as I'm not sure about running in ice or snow (I love running in the rain) I suppose I will get used to it if I need to!

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