running outside again - failed

Thought now I had graduated I would try to run outside again this did not go well. Found a lovely and empty beach and set out full of confidence but ran for about 2 minutes before I was exhausted my breathing ragged and pains in my calves you wouldnt believe.

Has any one made the transistion from treadmill to running outside it seems impossible.


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14 Replies

  • I've only just started c25k. Did my first run on Monday on the treadmill and second run today in the park. Running outside felt harder, but I think it's because I couldn't be sure of my pace, and was probably going faster than on the treadmill. Maybe you did too? Also, were you actually running on the beach? Sand is a tricky, tiring medium to run on. Maybe some interval training on the beach interspersed with running on the treadmill might be the way to go?

  • I've always run outside and only once tried the treadmill so I can't offer advice on that score. Maybe you could restart c25k outside and build up that way.

    Running on sand is really hard work from what I've heard. Did you try running on tarmac?

  • I think a sandy beach is probably particularly difficult. To put it into perspective, Skechers design their tone up/shape up shoes to replicate the work out you get walking on sand. They also advise you start off by only wearing them for short periods at a time.

    Try running on pavement to start with - it's still much harder work than the treadmill, you have to think about kerbs and adapt to the varying inclines etc. It's worth persevering though - it's a lot more interesting !

  • were you a treadmill runner all the way through c25k??

    I was. I just couldnt seem to get to grips with running outside. I ran too fast. I think & got puffed out.

    my solution ~ re-doing C25k with my 13 & 14 year old. we have a treadmill at home so I said that if they did the plan they had to run outside at least once a week until week 5 where I said they needed to do all the runs outside as they were different. I did the outside runs with them each week & it was great as it meant that I had someone with me to help pace myself. mind you, my girls run faster than me & have to keep going round in circles for me to catch up.

    my advice would be to maybe repeat 1 run of each week of the plan & if you manage the run then move on to the next week with the next run. I could run for over an hour on the treadmill, but at the beginning 10mins outside non-stop was a killer.

    once you get outside you wont look back! I have just moved my treadmill, which weighs an absolute tonne to my new house & it hasnt been used for about 3 months now. if our english weather wasnt so bad at times I would consider selling it on.

    happy running. let us know how you get on & dont forget, this hot weather can also make a big difference :) XX

  • Thanks so much for the replies I will try and answer the quetions asked.

    I tried the beach as it was suggested on here as it was slightly easier on the knees. The sand was not lose in anyway infact it was a firmish surface. I have already tried on tarmac and that hurt too. Iwas only trying to run week one but hardly made 4 of the minute run.

    It was a very warm day but didnt run till after 5pm so thought it was ok.

  • Have you thought perhaps it was just one of those 'off' days? We know we all have them occasionally and for no rhyme or reason... sand it tough wether it is loose or firm, i've done a bit on both and its a killer! Good on you for trying! Perhaps grass, an oval or park would be a good alternative? Good luck... I love running outside but there are worse things than treadmills (like no running at all!)

  • Hiya! I also run on the treadmill for a while before going outside. You are right, it is a whole different ballgame! I was shocked at how unfit I was for it, having done reasonably well on the treadmill. So I started C25k Week1! :-) Just keep on perservering, your body will get used to it quickly. I must admit I now find it much more rewarding running outside, I haven't been back on the treadmill for ages, it is just too tedious!

  • Hi there, I did almost the whole of C25k on the treadmill and my first outside run was for the Race for Life. It's definitely harder to pace yourself outside, but I do prefer running outside because when you get tired and want to finish you can run a bit faster!! Try to find things to look at when you're out and about, I find that this helps me when I am out. I also do a Park Run on a Saturday morning with my dad, which is really good to keep you going! I found it's a matter of pacing yourself, and when you stop, only walk for 60 seconds, and keep going!

  • I always associate the beach with the hardcore athletes and army people training for combat. I reckon you'd be good to go in a park with some nice level grass.

  • Thanks again I won't give up trying as its the only way when away from home. Hubby is doing this too but he started outside as he can't run on the treadmill.

    I will put on week one and do my best to get through. It may have been a bad day but on the treadmill I seem to be able to push through I was tired though.

  • Agree with all the above about running outside being more difficult than on a machine. Though it is tougher, the good news is that it gives you a more thorough workout as you are constantly (usually unconciously) adjusting your stride/step to the changes in the ground e.g uneven paving, kerbs etc. So your feet, ankles, knees get stronger. Sure, the impact may be harder but I reckon the chance of developing an RSI is much less when running outdoors because of the constant adjustments.

    (I've also found sand to be a complet b*****r to run on - but it is great to run along the edge of the sea in bare feet a la Chariots of Fire!).

  • This really worries me. Im doing the treadmill too and have finished week 6 run 1. I'm a bit scared to run outside in case I cant do it. Its awful to think that if you have built yourself up from not being able to run for 1 minute all the way up to 20 and then finding you cant run for a minute outside!

  • It is tougher but it shouldn't set you back as far as that. Start off slower and adapt to the different conditions, don't compare times as you are working completely differently when outside. On the plus side, treadmill running for the longer (25-30min) runs is horribly tedious - try and adapt to running outside. It may be slower/tougher but if it is more interesting, you are more likely to persevere. The important thing isn't running as quickly as possible as soon as possible - the important thing is that you are still running and enjoying running in, say, twenty years time.

  • Laptops I think my problem is pace as I tried an experiment of guess how fast I am running with a garmin yesterday I thought 3.5 it said 5.2. I said now I will run at 4 mph my oh says but you are going over 6. I may get my own garmin and get the speed right.

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