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Week 6 run 1 - not that bad =)

What a beautiful day it is!!! I think that its this glorious weather that made this run so good. I was a little nervous to be honest because I had read some comments saying that people had found week 6 the hardest out of all the podcasts, but I honestly didn't find it that bad. I actually didn't know how long I was running for the first part of the run because i was too busy day dreaming so I set off running not really knowing for how long, turns out it was 5 minutes. I always run around my local park, I would feel a bit weird running around the streets of Gloucester, and it was just so heart warming seeing all the children and families playing in the park, making the most of what little sun we get here. I felt so good once I had finished my run, I cant believe how much these past few weeks have changed me. I mean after week 1 I would get home and feel exhausted! Now I've got enough energy to do a mini workout at the end of it too (just a few press ups and sit ups, nothing too extreme). Anyway hope everyone else is enjoying this beautiful weather :)

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well done the weather is so nice isnt it i did my week 6 run 1 today as well i ran my local beach and it was glorious.i thought it would be a hard run today i was expecting to hear you got to run for 20 mins again but when she said 5 i had to check me i pod i thought i'd put it on the wrong week. took the dog for a walk tonight and thought gosh i could go for another run got so much enenrgy. i might do our local park on run 2 of this week as its flat and i know the route they do for the park run there so i can go for a practise lol one day might pluck up the courage to do it.


Well done :) I didn't find week 6 difficult either and was waiting for it to be pretty bad but it wasn't. Good luck with the rest of the week


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