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Week 9 Run 1 in the bag!😊

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I completed Run 1 of Week 9 on Saturday. The date was significant in that it was the first anniversary of my beloved Dad's passing. I was determined that I wouldn't allow myself to sit around moping so I was up bright and early and chose one of Dad's favourite spots. The route I chose took me around a very pretty reservoir and through a small hamlet.

It was a beautiful morning with bright blue sky and sunshine. Crisp and cool but beautiful; perfect running weather!! I started feeling pretty good but in the middle section began to feel tired and also a bit of an incline didn't help but I dug deep, looked around at the countryside, in fact anything to take my mind off my legs and came through. The last section, I felt surprisingly strong and even managed a bit of a sprint finish!! My memories of times spent with Dad helped as well as imagining myself being able to do some charity runs in the future for BHF or Marie Curie nurses, 2 charities very close to my heart!

Second run is going to be either this evening or first thing tomorrow, depending on how I feel after work!!

I would never have imagined I would be running 5K non stop 9 weeks ago, this has been miraculous! Somehow, something has just clicked!! Long may it continue!

18 Replies

How proud would your dad have been of you Almost_there. It was lovely that you chose a favourite place of his to run and took him with you on Saturday. (I suspect he is never far from your thoughts)

Beautiful photo, beautiful post in memory of your much loved dad. x

Well done, keep up the good work, the podium is in sight.😊

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LynnecanrunGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you! It was an emotional day but I did it for him. ❀️

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A..what a beautiful post...your Dad wouldn't want you sat moping around either, he want you doing exactly what you wanted to do & you did...with him & your memories with you...making memories with the ones we love are so important...as you have shown...good for you for getting out there on such a massive day....and be proud of your strength...both as a runner & your inner self

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Well done. Your so close to the finish line now. Just 2 more runs to go. Enjoy them and I look forward to seeing your graduation post.

I am constantly surprised how running seems to give you the space to focus on the people, places and things most precious to you. So many folk here, myself included find a comfort in doing something that on the face of it is just another exercise regime. In your graduation week to run in one of your dad's favourite places must be another precious memory. And looking at the picture, your dad had very good taste, that looks absolutely gorgeous.

I love the fact that running has clicked for you, and I hope when you stand on the podium, you feel your dad right beside you.

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LynnecanrunGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

Thanks so much. I am finding it quite cathartic. Xx

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Dad is definitely there with you!!! What a beautiful place.... :)

Let those memories fill your heart and mind as you carry on the runs to the podium!

Just go slowly and steadily and enjoy these longer runs... you are doing amazingly!!

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LynnecanrunGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss 😊

Looks a beautiful place for running πŸ˜€your dad would be so proud you are thinking of him ,

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LynnecanrunGraduate in reply to Heartlesstroll

Thank you 😊

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What a lovely photo and post 😊

Well done, you are so close to completing now, such a poignant run for you too... keep going your amazing πŸ˜€

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LynnecanrunGraduate in reply to Tricky2836

Completed run 2 this morning so the next one is the big one!!

Marvellous stuff, the bling is flipping in the drawer, waiting for you impatiently..

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I'm sure your Dad would rather you be out and about☺️ good for you and we done!

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LynnecanrunGraduate in reply to Burgdude

He definitely would. Thanks 😊

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Wow -stunning - you dad would be incredibly proud I'm sure x I lost my dad this year too and want to do a run for dementia ----- very well done for getting to week 9 πŸŽ‰πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

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MummycavModerator in reply to Wannabefit19

My Father-in-law passed away last year...I want to do a run for dementia too xx

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