Oh Yes I finally did 5k!

Hello everybody, Just had to share this with you....I finally ran 5k and then some on the Treadmill, sweaty as a sweaty thing, red hair dye running down my neck (I dyed it on Friday..der)! But I did it, to my own music, Upped the pace and did it in less than 30 minutes :) Yay me!!!

Enough about me, how is everybody else getting on? I hope you're all still enjoying the c25k and beyond :)

Oh and I went to see Mcfly last night, just wanted to share that with you :)


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19 Replies

  • Well done you, I just started w2 r1 yesterday

  • Fantastic achievement - well done you!

  • well done! think it will take me about an hour, I don't seem to go very far, how long did it take you? how did you manage to up the pace?am very impressed!

  • Congratulations keep at it :)

  • Well I finished c25k about two weeks ago and was nowhere near running 5k so that was in my head all the time, I really had to do it! I figured if I couldn't do it outside I'd try the Tread mill, I started off at about 7.5 and gradually increased speed to 8.8, as I eased into the run I increased it to 9.6 but only for a little bit as I was feeling the burn ! It went quite quick and before I knew it the screen said 3 miles :) I pushed myself to carry on but not for long, managed it in 29 minutes :)

  • I knew you could do it!! Well done...was so pleased to see the title of your blog :) :) :) 5k and under 30 minutes am very impressed patbutcher. I will need to up my game to catch you lol.

    Keep up the good work, what's your next goal now?

  • Crikey! I don't know, I do need a kick up the backside though to get motivated, I guess my next goal is to run the scampi and chips off I just had for tea! ;)

  • lol sounds yummy though!

  • Hooray! Well done! It's a great feeling isn't it?!

  • Certainly is, I actually did a little victory "get in" in the gym :)

  • Need a like button for this

  • Under 30 minutes!!! Blimey, I'll better get back out there and try harder. Well done Pat that is amazing :)

  • thats fantastic. you must be very pleased. & in under 30minutes aswell. very envious. took me about 15 attempts to get it under half hour!


  • woo hoo yeah ;)

  • How Fantastic! Well Done! Must be the new go faster picture (girl with short pink hair), I like it.

  • Fantastic! I also run on the treadmill currently at 7.8k and am slowly upping my speed would love to be running at anything over 9k so I'm very impressed at your 8.8 :)

    Oh and I hope you enjoyed McFly! ;)

  • Ha ha! Yep, Mcfly were awesome but the screaming girls did my head in! Too old to be a groupie :)

  • well done pat!!!! thats fantastic.. with the red dye running down you neck an all ha ha :) congrats to you x

  • well done, that is really fast

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