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London SR 3 miles

Finished the london Sports Relief 3 miles in 35 mins and really chuffed with myself. Nearly got lapped by my children who did it 9 mins faster and that was after they both got personal best times in the parkrun the day before, the joys of youth! Still being older I am also wiser and now know it would have been wiser to take up running about 30 years ago!

Anyway, thank you Laura, couldn't have done it without you.

Need a new challenge for the motivation to continue, so I am aiming to do my first park run on Easter Saturday. What motivational goals are other C25K graduates setting themselves?

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Well done, I bet you are chuffed- so you should be, I know I would be if I achieved what you did today. Congratulations on a superb run....


Well done Caro, know what you mean about starting 30 years ago when I see how easily my daughter gets through each run compared to me. No challenges for me yet other than to reach the 5K. Started this on Boxing day and graduated a few weeks ago. Last Thursday was my first aborted run, I wasn't feeling great. Went off camping on Friday until Sunday on the coast with the sun shining. That was lovely, rejuvenating, and I really was itching to run along the coast path but thought better of it as I would prefer to be feeling 100 per cent before running again. Hopefully Tuesday will be fine. Good luck with your park run :)


Thank you Blueboots, hope you feel better soon, probably a good idea to give the running a miss until you do. The camping sounds lovely you were lucky with the weather, I am definitely not hardy enough to risk sleeping under canvas at this time of year. Looking forward to reading about your first 5K, goodluck!


Hmmm CaroB - Easter Saturday sounds like a damn fine day to do my first parkrun - I have signed up but was trying to work out when would be best to give it a go....... thanks for the motivation :-)


Well done you! Don't know if I could do that , my inspiration is The Race for life on 13th May, Should do it fine but I don't want to count my chickens!! Then I'm gonna do a 5k :)


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