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Week 5 run 3! Treadmills!!! Grrrr!

You will not believe this! Set off really well! Got my rhythm right. Slow steady speed. Going well. Starting to believe I can do this! 5 mins in, the treadmill stops! So I pause Laura. Start it up again thinking it's ok don't panic. It stops again! Soooo annoyed!! So I swapped treadmills 6 mins in. Then thinking it will not be 20 mins straight. So guess what! I started it again! Am I mental??!!!! But I did it! The last 5 was tough! Probably as I knew I'd already ran it! But I did it! And am beaming!!!! Feels so great!!! Yipeeeeee!!!!!! I can run!!!!!!

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Well done!!! At least you know you can run even longer now!!! Yay!!!


Really well done. I run on a dead end road/track and if a car comes along I have to get out of the way, which completely throws my pattern off and I really struggle to get started again. I have had to abandon at least 2 runs as a result of it, so well done you!!

Loving the 'Mental' tag as well!


Whoop whoop :)


Abandon the runs! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Just keep going Maysie, no matter what. Hell or high water.

Good stuff Lou. Well done for hanging in there. You will be really proud of that. You showed it who's boss!

Are you going to venture outdoors at some point in the near future? It's lovely out!


I do want to but I'm a bit nervous about it to be honest. Years ago I started running and got a knee injury and that was the end of it. Treadmill just seems a bit easier on the old joints!! In September when kiddies back at school I think I might try it. See how I go. Now that I know I've got the fitness a bit more I should try shouldnt I!!!!


Very well done.!!

I have not run on the treadmill since starting this c25k. All my work had been on woodland trail or paved track. Not keen on running on busy roads. ,ought have to hot the read,I'll when crappy weather arrives!! Oh hang on that's here now!!


Well done you and well done on sticking with it. That's a big achievement in the c25k journey and you've passed it with flying colours. No stopping you now :)

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Well done -all ready for week 6 then!


Aaagn thank you paul2014nn Bring on week 6! But nice and slow!!! 4 weeks left! I feel quite weird about that. I love Laura!!!!


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