Sports did we all get on?

I ran the York 3 mile Sports Relief run today. This was my fist ever "public" run and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The weather was really nice and the run was around a park on the outskirts of York. I'm part way through week 9 so I know I can run for 30 mins but I was really pleased to finish in 28 mins. did everyone else doing the Sports Relief runs get on?

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  • that's fantastic - 3miles / 5k in 28 minutes..I am very jealous!!!

  • Congratulations, that's really brilliant!

  • 28mins!! That's making an occasion of it :) well done

  • 28 minutes, oh to dream of 28minutes :) Well done Daran

  • Did the 3 miler at the Scottish Deer Centre. 34m 06. Relieved that I actually did it! However a bit disappointed at the time. EXCEPT Endomundo (?) tracked it as 3.3 miles. That brings it back to just over 30 mins for the 3 miles. And given that it was cross-country rather than level & firm, I'm more than happy. Seven weeks ago, would I have believed it possible? Absolutely not!

    Guess I have to go back to week 7 and finish the programme properly now. Can't wait to mark out a 5k on the streets and get a time.

    How did everone else get on?

  • I don't know if you've seen the other posts about Sport Relief on here, but a lot of people seem to have found the distance unreliable (I know I did). I wouldn't fret too much - just think of the lovely sponsorship and let's concentrate our more chrono-motivated desires on something like a parkrun.....

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