Couch to 5K

week 6 run 3 done!

After a week off due to stomach cramps (as I mentioned in my previous post) and then migraine and being generally unwell, I picked up where I left off and did Week 6 run 3 - and I'm so glad I did!

I was beetroot red, and at one point I thought I was going to fall to bits like a badly made mannequin but I got through it! I was so relieved, and could'nt believe it when Laura told me I was officially a runner! That was an amazing feeling!

I also used my Nike + on my ipod to track my distance for the first time, and I did 3.7k in the 25 mins of running which I was so chuffed about! I honestly thought I wouldn't get any further than 2k so its definately motivated me to keep going with the podcasts, I'm determined to get to 5k!

keep on running!

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well done for compleating wk 6!!! how do you get on with the nike plus?


Well done I did the same run yesterday. Great feeling isn't it! :)


Well done :)


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