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Week 6 run 3 - DONE!!

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I have done my first 25 minute run. I don't feel elated. Don't know why. Feel okay about it though. I was being overtaken by walkers! Is that right? I was definitely running albeit slowly. Thanks

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Woohoo! You couldn’t have done that 6 weeks ago. Brilliant. I feel elated for you. It’s a great result. Don’t worry about walkers passing you. It’s happened to me too. You’ll develop stamina first, then you’ll find you speed up as you run regularly and consolidate. Well done you.

Thanks for the woohoo and for your kind words of encouragement Baddie. I really appreciate it.

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If you were running as fast as you could but still able to speak aloud clear ungasping sentences then your pace was correct.

Thanks IannodaTruffe. Think I could speak without gasping, not sure if I could go a bit faster. Will test this out.

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Sounds like a win to me! 🏃🏻‍♀️ 💪🏼

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CressidaB in reply to Sar9

Thanks very much 😊

Awesome Cressida, I know the feeling but I just keep thinking back to week 1 when I was blowing just running for 90seconds and now you we can run for 20 mins awesome 👏

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CressidaB in reply to Sully01

Yes, it is great isn't it? Thanks for that Sully01

Well done! Roll on week 7! Perhaps it's the heat?

Thanks Post-Op-Jogger. Yes heat could be a factor. Hope all going well with you and your daughter 😊

How are you feeling about tomorrow's run?

Truth be told, nervous. I didn't find my first 25min run very easy on wk6run3. I was going to go out this morning but heat was off-putting as well as my doubts. And my thigh muscle was hurting from previous run. I might do it tomorrow. Still hate the heat but my muscle's okay now. Glad I gave it another day. Good luck with yours Post-Op-Jogger. Thanks for asking 🙂

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Well done Cressida you ran for 25 minutes 👏👏 you’re doing fantastic 🙂

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CressidaB in reply to Karis28

Thanks so much Karis 😊

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Well done CressidaB. Speed doesn’t matter, you are running! You are doing really well!

Thanks so much, was a bit worried i was doing it all wrong, but reassured now. thanks again 😀

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