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Week 9 - It's a beautiful day! and you just cant keep the B3an out of the mud

Week 9 - It's a beautiful day! and you just cant keep the B3an out of the mud

Well today the alarm went of 5:30 and it was time to turn over and get my lazy ass out of a warm comfortable bed. I decided on shorts this morning, as last week I was able to get my motorbike out on 2 consecutive days, ooops Ice, Ice baby!

Most of you probably know about my run on Saturday, which was amazing and over 5k and had big bad ass challanges along the way. I got my results last night and get this couchto5kers - The B3any_Boy not only got round, but did it in 1 hour 10, and had a finishing position of 85 out of 270. Which lets face it is a bloomin great achievement from someone who has gone from zero to hero on the exercise front.

So this morning was a new week, and we all know what this means it means a new route. Today the route of choice was a road route, just because my legs were still a little tight from Saturday, and I have been wanting to try this route for some time and I thought I can't do that until I clear 5k.

So off I trot, the uphill section is from the start for about 2k so constant climb, then it's all down hill from there.

I kicked off and stretched the legs out on the run, and got into my rythm and just about to start the down hill and Laura announces 10 minutes in, 10 minutes! I've done the hard part, I'm almost half way and where's the challange.

So when she who must be obeyed, said you have done 20 minutes well done, I jogged along saw a footpath sign, didn't know where it was going to take me, saw mud and thought hell why not!

So into the fields I go, around some horses - aren't they big, and started jumping styles, then Laura announces I'm 5 minutes away, and I get back onto the tail part of a previous run.

The final minute goes off and why not, I go for a sprint. Rember here folks, zero to hero. 2 months ago, I wouldn't run for a bus, and here I was going for a minute sprint, out of choice!

Time gentlement please and a warm down walk, and as Laura starts speaking, I realise that's it, I've run for half an hour, I've competed in the major series, and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

Target met, so what's next.

I'm off to sign up for the Lauras next set of pod casts, I'm signing up for the next 10k Major in October, and looking for some other challanges.

I won't bother doing 2 more runs of week 9, I've done it. I'm starting B210K on Wednesday. I'll let you know how I get on, how often I get lost and more importantly, if I ever catch that bear!

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Well done you!!! Please let me know how the b210k goes as that is my aim


Well done, what an achievement!


well done. & congratulations on your place in the race. thats a brilliant placing.

good luck with the b210k



Well done and congratulations, absolutely fantastic! :)


Amazing result from Saturday! Make sure you keep posting need to know if you get that bear in your sights! :) :)


howled at the slide pic on the email, great job done Mr B3an running man :)


Well done B3any Boy, great placing for Saturday. Hope we are going to be entertained by your exploits in B210K of C25K plus when it's ready. Lovely photo today. :)


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