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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Part One (The Bad)

Laura tells us that there are good runs and bad runs, and the reason is a mystery -- we shouldn't try to understand why. Actually, I do know why Thursday's run was a bad one.

It was my first time attempting the Stamina podcast. Based on entries I have ready here, I accepted that it would be a bit challenging. What I wasn't prepared for was doing it in freezing rain. I overcompensated for the cold by wearing too many layers; the hat could come off mid-run, but the jacket was definitely overkill. Also, I foolishly used the opportunity of a new podcast to choose a new running route -- probably a bad idea in the dark (and freezing rain). My choice of path needed to be adjusted mid-course, when I suddenly felt like I was running across an ice rink -- as Simon & Garfunkel put it, I found myself slip sliding away. Whoops! And if that wasn't bad enough, my impromptu diversion from ice led me down the tallest hill in Oxford. Which was okay at the beginning... but it meant I had to go back up the hill later on. Of course, the [up] hill running would coincide with Laura informing me that it was time to step up the pace to 165 beats per minute. Of course it would.

So, yeah, not much mystery there. Thursday was a bad run due to (a) cold, (b) rain, (c) ice, (d) hill, (e) all of the above.

I did finish the run. Although I tried to keep on the beat as best I could, I know that I didn't succeed. According to MapMyRun, I went a whopping 4.2 km in the 35 minutes of the podcast. That's a whole lot slower than I've been running these days. Can't imagine why.

I'll still count this as a win for finishing it all... but I think I need another go at Stamina to properly assess it.

Stayed tuned, my friends, for part two of this series. With a title like "The Good", you know it has to get better!

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I think you should award yourself a medal/extra glass of wine/large chunk of choc/whatever takes your fancy just for completing the run :-)

I ran Stamina round a pretty flat course and it was tough... but enjoyable. Find yourself a better day and a better place and make sure you have fun after a run like that! :-)


Thanks! My next run was today, and it was the Oxford ParkRun. I am planning to have a second try at Stamina on Monday, though. With any luck, it will go [much] better than before. For one thing, I will be sticking to the course that I know quite well. So that rules out the hill and [probably] icy pavement. If the weather is on my side, I know that it will be a MUCH better run!



Ha! You attempted Headington Hill? Are you crazy? hahaha! Well done, it's a beast! It is good to build in hill training though, so it will have done you some good.

Don't let it put you off the stamina podcast though, just be wiser in your choice of route!


Heh, yeah Headington Hill is pretty massice, isn't it? Oi! I hadn't really consciously chosen to run up (or down) it... but plans changed when I started skidding about on my new route. Whoops! :-D

I'm planning to try Stamina again for tomorrow's run... and none of these crazy ideas about choosing a new route! I will be sticking to the 5K track I've mapped out and ran many times before, thank you very much. I learn my lessons, I do! ;-D


I absolutely admire your tenacity in going out in a) cold b) rain c) ice and darkness! Well done, Ironmatt! And you finished it and did 4.2 km! Cause for rejoicing, I'd say!

Looking forward to Part 2.....


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