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Week nine day two and it's not any easier

I'm thinking of packing it in after I've completed week 9 because I get no joy from running whatsoever. Even when I hear Laura say I've done it, I don't feel good, I just feel relieved.

Before I started the plan I used to go for long brisk walks most days and I loved it, but now I'm only going out alternate days and I dread each one. I've also a feeling that I could walk faster than I run because I'm so slow. I'm not overweight but I just feel so heavy.

I must admit that my breathing is a lot better now than when I first started, but if I didn't have Laura with me and the knowledge that I've already done it before, I could so easily give up after just a couple of minutes.

Did anybody else feel the same way but carried on to actually enjoy it?

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I still feel that way - LOL! I never enjoy running WHILST I'm doing it. I think it's the challenge and increase in fitness and that great feeling of having done something difficult. But if you really don't enjoy it but DO love walking then do that. I don't enjoy the running but perversely I look forward to doing it, I suppose because somehow I know that each run is building towards a time when I will. But if you dread it then maybe it isn't for you?


I find each run a struggle but I do enjoy how it is making me fitter and the sense of achievement I have. I never "enjoy" a run but as far as exercise, I really don't enjoy any of it, so after completing C25K I really don't want to look elsewhere. I'm hoping over time it will become an enjoyment. Maybe give it a bit longer or challenge yourself in some ways, then decide if you want to continue or do something else. Gayle


There are bits in each run that I enjoy, when everything is going well and I feel like I am running properly. I certainly don't enjoy every run, and sometimes it's quite hard to motivate myself to get out there, but I like the fact that I'm doing it for myself and I know it's doing me good. I am so pleased I started - and completed - this programme because I can f=really feel the benefits.

however, if it's not working for you, you need to find something that does, rather than doing something you dislike. Hope you can work something out.


I put a similar post on here just after I graduated. I really wasn't enjoying running at all, but I have to admit that after an enforced break (calf strain and then a family illness) I am now itching to get back out! If we had a nice day whilst I couldn't get out I was always thinking I wish I could fit a run in. I did my first run in nearly two weeks yesterday, just a steady 15 mins, and felt great at the end. Although I wasn't enjoying the long runs I loved the health benefits I was getting.

You may find a short break will fire your enthusiasm, as it has done for me.


Thank you for your replies.

I've done my final run of the plan today and I'm still undecided what to do next.

I haven't felt any difference healthwise since starting the plan apart from one thing, but I don't know if it's just coincidental. I'd had pain in my left shoulder for months and months and found it hard sleeping at night because I couldn't get comfortable no matter which position I lay in, but since starting to run it's completely disappeared. This puzzled me because if anything I thought the running might make it worse.

I first started the plan as a way to reach another goal that I set myself. I want to be able to run up a local hill, but thought first I would have to be able to run on the flat before I could tackle the hill. Since being able to run for 30 minutes I've tried the hill and couldn't do it, so I may go back to doing shorter runs but with inclines until I reach my goal.


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