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being part of it

it's a quite a strange (for me) social media phenomena to be thinking about a bunch of folks you haven't actually met but would stand on a finish line waving flags, hollering encouragement to, get very excited and proud of their achievement as if you'd known them for years, knew their favourite colour and how they react when you steal a chip from their plate!

Power of shared experience I suppose :)

As the community grows here I find myself actively searching for who i consider 'my lot' when they are not on the front page - that's not to say I'm not reading lots of others and commenting cos I am :) - but there's a few of you here that have been blogging and commenting with me for over 4/5 weeks (did I mention that I'm starting week 6 tomorrow :) )

Anyway what I'm getting at is that my friends and family have been supportive (if somewhat surprised at me) but it's you lot that really keep me out there and you lot I am most want to keep up to date on progress.

:) Bx

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Ah Bxster, you are so right. Best of luck for week 6, who'd have thought how much we could all achieve when we were struggling with those initial one minute runs. Keep on running. :) and posting


its great isnt it. just knowing that you can come on here & be able to talk about running subjects & learn stuff without that "here we go again" look from non-runners who just dont understand :)

when I did c25k last year I joined Kate1991s blog & just knowing that I was gonna be posting made me even more determined to do each run. having her a week or so in front of me made me realise it was possible.

week 6 ~ nearly there :)


It's very encouraging to read what everyone else is doing and how you all feel about your achievements - it makes the idea of being able to run 5k one day much more believable ! I find it quite motivating - I don't want to have to admit to missing a run so I make sure I do them all. Yesterday I was close to not bothering but I'm glad I did because I felt so much better afterwards.


Totally agree Bxster.

Good luck with week 6 :)


Yes definitely agree with this, when I'm running I'm thinking of what I'm going to post on here afterwards!

I tell my friends and family and whilst they are encouraging, it's not the same as people on here who are going through the same as us, albeit at different weeks.

Good luck for week 6 tomorrow, mine starts on Monday ;)


Strange, as I was thinking the same thing yesterday! I am now thinking of you all as my "friends" I have never met you but you are my inspiration, and you make me laugh sometimes with your funny stories and spur me into action when I'm having a bad day :) so, Thanks my fellow runners (because that's what you are) I have a whole other family :)


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