Couch to 5K

Time to start again !!!

Hi All !! I completed the C25K programme before xmas and decided to give the running a break , subsequent xmas dinners and lots of beer and takeaways since then and I'm back to square one !! Im back up to 16 stone !

I've decided to give the programme another real go and have set myself a target of the end of April to be at the same stage I was before xmas.

Did W1R1 this morning and was proper out of breath on the 5 minute walk home (in the rain),, I'm hoping that this webblog/site/community will help me along the way, it looks like there are a few of us at the same stage so will be able to help each other with a few choice encouraging words when it gets a bit hard.

Good Luck all and glad to be here !!


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Hi Si, just completed my wk1 run 3 this morning, never done anything like this before but enjoying at the moment, didn't think I would be saying that I was looking forward to going for a run, good luck keep in touch.


well done on the first step it can only get better from now on in. good luck with the training guys . i look forward to all my runs then i dread it and oommm and ahh abit it before i manage to get out the door but its such a nice feeling to make it home and say yay i done it.


I know exactly how u feel dread the start love the end and then want to do more, it must be something to do with my age lol (late 40s) good luck.


well done Si for getting back on the horse!! so easy to fall off, not so easy to climb back on, so well done. and having already completed the programme, you KNOW you can do it, so believe in yourself.. and we'll all help you, and each other along the journey :)


Hi just reading all of your blogs and thinking that just maybe i can do this too. Podcasts at the ready.Preparing to start the programme tomorrow. Have hectic life as single mum of 2 teenagers with a full time job so plan to run first thing as will have a million excuses not by the end of the day. See this programme as something for me and am going hoping it will help me lose weight and lift my mood.and replace the wine! wish me luck.! You are inspiring me already!


Hi Si,

I'm just starting again too, but have started back on week 3. Have done the first two runs ok, and am feeling reasonably optimistic, but I really struggled with W5R3 last time. Hoping this time I'm in a better mental state to achieve it!


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