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Time to resume C25K again.....

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After feeling gutted that I reached W8R3 back at the beginning of November, then finding myself knocked out by a nasty virus for the whole of that month, then a failed attempt at resuming with a W5run, then a real struggle with a W4 run, I gave up my C25K hopes altogether 😢😢😢 But I have now decided it’s time to start again right back at W1R1. A friend recommended a running book to me last week, called ‘Run Fat Bitch Run’ and today I tried the first step of this book’s suggestions for taking up running. I have to say I think the C25K is actually a bit better structured with its 9 week programme and hence I’m going to resume it right back at the beginning. The RFBR book is still useful and encouraging, but I don’t think I can realistically run 4 to 5 times a week as it suggests, so I’m looking forward to getting back on course with C25K with the more manageable 3 runs a week!! Hope all you fellow C25Kers have had a lovely Christmas and wish all of you all the very best for the New Year xxx

13 Replies
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I wish you Honeybee63 all the very best running for 2019, C25K is far better structured than that book you mentioned, the title itself is just plain rude in my opinion, good luck for your training with C25K 🏃😊

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Great that you’re back Honeybee. We’ll all cheer you along the way, so post on here often and let us know how your getting on! You’ve got it this time, ok? 👍👊

Happy running in 2019. 💪

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Similar problem here, 1 month out due to a nasty virus but I got back to it boxing day. It's just life I suppose, there is always going to be something stopping us from running, as long as we just get back to it when we can, we will get there. Well done on staying positive. You will be at week 9 before you know it! Good luck x

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Well done... many. many of us have restarted or done bits of C25K again... :) It is useful and works well.... we don't feel the pressure and are confident in our runs... Take it steady and keep posting!

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Big big welcome back. Remember just how far you’ve come before. You have so got this. Huge respect to you. Restarting shows such strength and motivation. happy safe running to you for 2019 and keep posting. 😀

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Hi Honeybee63, this is exactly what happened to me! I did graduate earlier this year (again) and then hospitalised and got back to running in August. Totally gutted with the virus in October/November. I’m going to start with W1R1 as C25K is absolutely brilliant. Wishing you good health and Happy New Year!

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Hello Honeybee.

Firstly, anything that calls a woman even in jest, a bitch, needs either renaming or to hit the bin. You are fabulous.

Secondly, this is my third restart and like you got all the way to week 8 last time but it did take me about 6 months from Christmas. However, broken toes, badly sprained ankle and my extreme work hours got in the way.

I’ve just restarted whilst away with my mum over Christmas on holiday and did week one. I’m well chuffed with myself. And this year I am determined to keep going as I hit my 60th. I want to be healthier, slimmer and happier.

So go for it. You will succeed I know it. And all the while you are getting healthier. What’s not to love?


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You can do it. Look where you got last time. You have done all the home work because you love it. Go for it soon you will be back in form again. All the best

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4 to 5 times a week would have to be taken with extreme care for a long while... you can do it but it’s better to go to that after at least a year of running. Welcome back and I hope the rest of the plan goes smoothly.

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Well done, GREAT decision. Just finished my W1R1 this morning (yet again) after 18 months of injury that stopped me running at all. C25K & Laura "I love you!" X

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I have a problem with the name of this book and for that reason alone I would suggest you bin it. You are not a fat b*tch no one in the entire world is.

I have redone the C25K many times and yesterday I ran my first ever Parkrun, run may not be the exact motion I was doing but I didn’t stop once and managed a not too shabby 34:51 time.

So enjoy restarting the programme, if there is a Parkrun near you consider joining as it was great fun and very motivational.

Good luck and ditch the book, in fact throw it away, you don’t need the negative message it’s title is sending out.

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Congratulations on starting again and I hope you have better luck this time round. The same happened to me - after reaching the end of week three I was ill and I came to a grinding halt. Your post has inspired me to get out there again for W1R1.

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Your book title had me laughing at the start honeybee!! Happy running on which ever path you chose. For me all l have in my mind is RFBR. I shall add it to my list lol 😂

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