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Podcasts over music

I’ve just completed W6R2, and found that pretty early on I got really bored with music, and it wasn’t distracting me enough - so I’ve started to listen to podcasts instead. Instantly so much better, made that daunting first 20min run at the end of W5 easier to get through. I’m always looking for new podcasts though - anyone have any good ones they can suggest?

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i will be interested to see the replies on this one ..look at wyersmith posts, they had a similar post to yours with loads of ideas coming forward. Ive really enjoyed listening to some desert island discs ..I am a podcast convert


Brilliant, thank you, I will! I’ve been loving Desert Island Discs recently. The only (minor) annoying thing I’ve found with podcasts is having to skip back a few seconds whenever Jo pops up with a motivational statement on the app, but still find them way more distracting than music now


Hi! Yes there were loads of great suggestions when I asked the same thing. I initially went for comedy but actually I really like desert island discs at the moment (old fart alert). Nice mix of chat and music clips with interesting people and they’re about 35 minutes long. When I want a change I’ll probably try the ‘my dad wrote a porno’ podcast because it sounds pretty distracting to me!

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Haha yes! My Dad Wrote A Porno is great, though you’d end up laughing at it whilst trying to run - extra workout there...? I’ve been making my way through Desert Island Discs, can’t believe I never listened to them before now. I’ll definitely go take a look at your posts for the other suggestions, thank you!


Ted Talks. There are so many to choose from and you'll find out new things.


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