Couch to 5K

What do I do when I've finished the podcasts?

JUst done the 2nd run in week 8 and feeling good about running - but what do I do when I've completed the programme. I like LAura's time markers and encouragement and need the music to run. I have an ipod and a mp3 on my phone - but how do I know what music is good to run to and how do I know how long without checking my watch all the time?

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I just kept doing week 9 for a few weeks. I found the need for the time markers (which I knew to the inch where I should be at each one ) dropped off after a while.

There is no rush to do more and you are at a level of fitness where you can just have a bit of fun with it. So I would keep with week 9 for the routine and very your routes, surfaces, do a few hills - enjoy your achievement for a while you have come a long way.


yep, carry on til you are comfortable with 30 mins & then you can concentrate on other things like getting to 5K or speed & introduce tempo/fartlek/interval runs which liven things up a bit.

after this, if you prefer structure you could always try bridge to 10K plan.

I have downloaded quite a few ministry of sound "running trax" & they are quite upbeat. also the biggest loser 2012 workout mix also has a couple of compilations that are around an hour long. perhaps have a look into something like this. I like 80s music so there is lots out there for me :)

good luck. you're nearly a c25k graduate :)


Hi Shelley

Where did you find the biggest loser workout mix details please?

I have had a look but can't seem to see any that give so much music!

Wow didn't they all look different last night? Amazing what running can do!

BTW what is fartlek?????



oops. sorry it was advertised on the biggest loser. its this one

& I do have a freebie that I downloaded that is 40years of dance music which is quite good. message me with your email if you would like it & I can email it over. its about 90minutes long so too big for a cd.

fartlek ~

it was amazing to see the difference in the contestants. they looked fantastic & so smiley :)

good luck. shelley


I've downloaded Pumped Up! The 2012 Running Mix for when I've finished. I'm planning on concentrating on doing the 5K in 30 mins, so will use this album to listen to before I start on the Bridge to 10K.

You can give the albums a listen before you buy, on iTunes there are lots of different fitness albums related to running.


andystev has put a link to download B210K podcasts on the blog side entitled here 'B210K podcasts'. I haven't actually followed this plan, but I know some on here have. Check it out.


Twice a week I stuck to listening to Laura and ran 30 minutes listening to week 9 (or to change the music I used week 7 or 8 plus the 5min warm up to make up to 30 minutes) and once a week I ran slightly longer, lengthening the time by 10% each week (week 1=33 mins, week 2=37, week 3=41,week 4= 45 mins etc.) On the 'long' run I used my own music (I like 80s stuff)

However, if you don't fancy running for any longer, the alternative is to try to run 5k quicker and quicker(like Greg)

Or follow another podcast, like the others have suggested.

You're nearly there: fantastic!


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