Not a good one!

Ouch ouch ouch & why can't I breathe properly was all I could think of during this mornings run (w8r2). Nothing felt right and by 21 minutes (20 longer than I thought I could at the start of the run) I had to stop and start walking :( Going to give my legs a couple of days rest before tackiling this again with the hope it was a one off bad run. From reading all the blogs I know we all have them from time to time but boy does it feel crap!!!

Oh well, tomorrow is another day!


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14 Replies

  • Good luck for next time Ali x Are you properly prepared with carbs etc? x

  • Bad runs get you down, so come in a day or 2. Think about was it physical or mental. You can do it next time. In the end you're a winner anyway!

  • was definalty physical on this occassion.....if it had been mental wouldn't have got as far as 21 mins!

  • get the bit miffed miserable feeling, but like you say Ali you do know it's just one of those rubbish ones. It's occurred to me that it's like anything, I horse ride and 90% of the time I'm ok then i loose balance, my proper contact with the horse and my coordination and it becomes a wobbly mess, and I've been riding on and off since I was 9, then there are those moments where I have everything right, my body where it should be, great balance, excellent contact and it's the most 'got it together' ride and for a blissful few minutes horse and rider feels really really good. Then I get cocky, loose it and usually narrowly escape falling off :) Note usually... Lol

    with a couple of rest days ahead I prescribe wine and chocolate cake with the knowledge you can and will run it off :)

  • Just spotted your other blog post - ok I'll eat chocolate cake for you to save you having to run that off and you can have your curry and vino in confidence that I've got ya diet covered


  • it's wine and curry tonight!!!

  • I think the "its just a bad day" understandings was one of the cool things about keeping a log in here (well the old country strictly).

    Once I had been doing it a while and I had a bad day I always k ew I could look back through my diary at where I had a previously rubbish run and see that a good one always followed.....not necessarily right away but sooner rather than later.

    It is really easy to forget that when you are trying not to barff behind the co-op or prevent your knees falling apart 2k from home :-D

    However you do have to get through the first bad run!

  • today was the first bad run (there have been tough ones but today was bad!). hopefully there won't be too many more in the near future!!! :)

  • Thanks for the support everyone :) It really does help! The guys at work have been giving me encouragement too (they all know as I've signed up for the JP Morgan Chase Corporate run in July) and just need to make sure I rest properly. Bring on the next run!

  • Hey you, remember how my week 8 runs went? Yes, real bad, hated it, You just get back out there and run, run like the wind lady, you CAN do it, I can't wait to hear how you feel next week :) xxx

  • Thanks Pat! I really wanted to go this morning but am being sensible and giving my legs an additional days rest as still a little achey. Will let you know how I get on tomorrow!

  • There could be several reasons why that run seemed so hard. Not having drunk enough water in the 24 hrs before, not enough kip, unhealthy food choices, having a couple of bevviesf?

    I had a pants run on Weds, for the first time ever I failed to run the planned distance (been doing min 5k/3.1 miles 3 times a week on varied terrain since I graduated) had to stop at 2.1 miles with the tiredest legs ever. Really felt like a failure! Then last night I downloaded the Runners World training prog for a 10k and that indicated I should "only" run 2miles twice a week for the first 4 weeks anyway so that made me feel a lot less of a failure! Then I did a 5k Parkrun today, which has boosted my confidence hugely!

  • Thanks Deryn61. I do think we all beat ourselves up unnecessarily (can't spell this morning!).

    Well done on the Parkrun, I'm going to give it a go once I've completed the programme & found the confidence to turn up on my own!!!

  • ooh I might download the runners world thingy!:)

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