Couch to 5K

Wk4r2 by moonlight

The Sun had disappeared over the horizon as I puffed my way down the lane, cold out there and I could see my breath, beautiful sky, distracted by russles in the hedgerows, wondered about those bears Beany been hunting - ended up at my turning point ahead of myself! I got there quicker! Lol ok so I paid for that on the return journey, but my first 5 mins WAS quicker!, the last 5 not so and kept myself going by focussing on the moon and having a chat with it about the lunacy of running, man in the moon just smiled

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Those bears are elusive aren't they! I haven't seen any as I pound the streets in town!!! :)


I saw ducks, geese and squirls today, do those count?

I have noticed a strange weather phenomenon, it stops raining and the sun comes out five minutes after I get back from my runs....


I thought it just started raining when you go to do the school run :)

Bxster, nice to hear Im not the only one talking to myself


You are not alone, I talk to myself lots!!!! I also grunt (towards the end) and splutter! Yesterday I saw 2 dogs , a ginger cat, some ducks, a very squashed seagull and a Magpie (gulp) I did say my little mantra to said Magpie and saluted him, Who's mad now???!!!!;)


Haha Pat I do that with Magpie's too, even though I'm not very superstitious otherwise. Mad!

Well done, Bxster...onwards and upwards! :D


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